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Hosted/On-Demand CRM Vendors
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Entellium Entellium's hosted CRM software is designed specifically for companies that want Sales Force Automation or Customer Service/Support solutions that strike the right balance between the everyday needs of people on the front line and reporting requirements of management. Our CRM tools have consistently ranked #1 in Usability, Value and Customer Service.

» Entellium Demo » Entellium CRM Review » Product Overview
Aplicor Aplicor delivers hosted and subscription-based CRM and accounting web-based software solutions for high growth, mid-market and enterprise organizations. Aplicor is the most independently awarded hosted solution, has achieved the highest average user count in the hosting industry and is the only hosting provider with a 100 percent uptime history.

» Aplicor Demo » Aplicor Review » Product Overview
Brainsell Brainsell Technologies, LLC, a leading CRM systems integrator and provider headquartered in Massachusetts with offices in Virginia and Ohio. When companies of any size are seeking new and innovative ways to make their external and internal communications processes more efficient and profitable, they can rely on Brainsell to provide and implement proven CRM solutions.

» BrainSell Demo » BrainSell Review » Product Overview
Infusion Infusion Software has created an all-in-one sales and marketing software program that helps small businesses quickly double their sales. Their product automatically manages the entire sales process from generating leads, to following up, to processing orders and collecting the cash. The end result is that their customers make more money in less time, without getting bogged down in the daily details of business operations.

» Infusion CRM Demo » Infusion CRM Review » Product Overview is the first provider of on-demand sales automation and customer management software to integrate a powerful suite of marketing tools that include dialers, voice messaging and nearly two dozen other productivity-enhancing 'power tools'. These innovative solutions have made the sales, customer, and lead management solution for over 200 companies world-wide.

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NetSuite NetSuite CRM is the only customer relationship management system that provides a true 360 degree view of all customer interactions. NetSuite web based CRM includes Sales Force Automation, Opportunity Management, Marketing Automation, Forecasting, and Customer Service. NetSuite is the #1 integrated, web-based business management application, allowing companies to manage all key business operations in a single system. Includes CRM, ERP / accounting, and ecommerce.

» NetSuite Demo » NetSuite Review » Product Overview
LeadMaster LeadMaster offers a full roster of integrated sales and marketing products and services designed to increase sales and enable healthy return on investment on marketing programs. LeadMasterís online customer relationship management (CRM) system provides an easy-to-use web-based knowledgebase that you can leverage for response tracking, data mining and marketing reporting.

» LeadMaster Demo » LeadMaster Review » Product Overview
Model Metrics Model Metrics delivers products and services at the cutting-edge of the fast-growing on-demand applications industry. We have experienced consultants with proven skills and over 250 successful client engagements, large and small. We have significant CRM expertise as well as industry knowledge to ensure your project is a success. And we have world-class development skills to meet the exact demands of your business.

» Model Metrics CRM Demo » Model Metrics CRM Review » Product Overview
vanillasoft VanillaSoft has one single focus; increasing your sales and profits from those sales. VanillaSoft has a proven track record of substantially increasing the number of calls per employee and the quality of those calls. More calls, the right calls and a higher quality of calls can only lead to one result, a much improved bottom line and ROI.

» Vanillasoft Demo » Vanillasoft Review » Product Overview
landslide Landslide's mission is to help salespeople achieve their revenue targets and improve the buying experience of their prospects. The Landslide offering is designed to help consultative salespeople win more business. It includes web-based software and Landslide VIP Assistant service. Landslide VIP provides each salesperson using Landslide access to a live assistant who can perform administrative, sales support and data entry tasks on their behalf.

» Landslide Demo » Landslide Review » Product Overview
surado PipelineDeals is designed with the sales person in mind offering a focused yet powerful application to facilitate selling - not hinder it. PipelineDeals captures the essence of the features that are really useful for sales people and discards non-mission critical features. Our goal is to free up the sales person from running software and let them focus on what matters most: sales.

» PipelineDeals Review » Product Overview