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Infusion Product Overview

Infusion Product Overview

Discover the Difference of E-Mail Marketing 2.0

The difference between Email Marketing 1.0 and Email Marketing 2.0 is like the difference between a bad salesman and a good salesman. A bad salesman memorizes a script and then spews forth information in a robotic tone - until the prospect shuts the door, hangs up the phone, or walks away.

A good salesman, on the other hand, adapts their message to fit the needs of each prospect they speak to. They provide value, not a brain dump. And they understand when and how to close a sale. They know the importance of building relationships with their contacts, and they leave every conversation on a positive note.

Infusionsoft helps you execute email marketing 2.0 by taking careful notes about everything that your contacts do from clicking on links to opening emails to making purchases. Then, with this information Infusionsoft automatically customizes your marketing messages to provide that "good salesman" experience.

With Infusionsoft, you can:

    Segment your contact lists so the message you send is the RIGHT message, every single time
    Send highly relevant emails your contacts WANT to receive
    Build relationships and personalize emails so your contacts look forward to getting emails from you
    Incorporate multi-media follow-up along with your email marketing
    Instantly respond to the actions your contacts take, and adapt your messages accordingly
    Automate your email marketing so you stay in touch...even when you can't get to a computer.
    And so much more!

Ultimately, you'll create email campaigns your prospects and customers want to receive. Of the hundreds of emails that pile up, your messages are the ones that will be opened. And you'll be able to build profitable relationships with ALL your customers and prospects.

With the power of email marketing 2.0 (from Infusionsoft), you'll soon be on your way to growing your business and doubling your sales...we GUARANTEE it!