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Landslide Overview

Landslide Overview
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What is Sales Workstyle Management?

Landslide is not another SFA/CRM.
Anyone in sales knows this well: The last thing a salesperson needs is ‘automation’ and ‘force’ to do their jobs better. What they really need is an offering that is designed from the ground up with one purpose: to help salespeople close deals faster.
Traditional SFA/CRM tools were never designed to help salespeople close deals. They were designed to help organize data and make it available to everyone in the company but did little to directly help salespeople navigate the selling cycle. In fact, in most cases, salespeople found that using these tools added one more ‘non-selling’ activity that took them away from selling.
Sales Workstyle Management (SWM) is a Sales 2.0 approach which increases performance of salespeople by helping them adopt a proven selling process, have high impact conversations with prospects and provide a one-of-a-kind buying experience to their prospects.

The Landslide Value Proposition:
Landslide drives revenue growth and profits by accelerating high value complex deals through the pipeline and maximizing the selling time available to salespeople.


  • Allows the entire sales organization to readily adhere to proven, uniform sales processes customized to meet their needs.
  • Lets you implement a three-tier sales process consisting of selling cycle phases, activities in each phase, and the selling tools to complete these activities.
  • Integrates sales & marketing by embedding marketing document directly into the sales process.
  • Provides a dedicated portal called iO Channel for continual communication with the prospect resulting in a more thorough understanding of the prospect's needs and a higher likelihood of close.
  • Alerts salespeople whenever prospects access documents posted to their portal indicating their level of engagement.
  • Shows Account Executives what to do next and how in the selling process steps.
  • Provides sales management with ‘no-opinion’ forecasting based upon selling process and buyer activity, not salesperson opinions.
  • Provides sales management with a performance and activity dashboard.

What does Landslide Sales Workstyle Management Include?
Landslide Sales Workstyle Management (SWM) offers the following capabilities:

1. Opportunity Development – This powerful feature provides an easy-to-use tool to define the sales process that works well for each company's unique products or markets. The objective is to make a company's sales process clearly visible to all and measure and track its effectiveness. Users can see at a glance where each opportunity is in the selling process and what needs to be done to move it forward.

2. Guided Conversations – A key differentiator of Landslide is the ability to provide salespeople real time guidance in having high impact conversations with senior executives. The system allows organizations to pre-load documents that define how to:
- Handle product introductions,
- Discover client needs and challenges,
- Position the value/benefit of their offerings,
- Present ROI information,
- Provide competitive positioning,
- Handle pricing and contract negotiations.

3. Prospect Tracking – Because Landslide focuses on the selling function and the salesperson, it recognizes the importance of providing tools to engage with and manage prospects. Specifically, it helps salespeople with tracking prospect behavior, gauging their interest levels, exchanging information in a secure, reliable manner and identifying entire buying teams. This helps the salesperson qualify and forecast objectively & be responsive in prospect communications.

4. Marketing Integration – This capability allows companies to effectively integrate marketing documents into the selling process. With Landslide, sales and marketing departments can decide which documents such as questionnaires, presentations, positioning statements, competitive analysis reports etc. belong in which phase or activity of their selling process. Salespeople are presented with the most relevant resources automatically without having to search for them. It also measures usage of marketing content to reflect its relevancy to the sale function.

5. Team Collaboration – A key part of a salesperson's workstyle is the need to communicate and collaborate externally with prospects and customers and internally within the sales team as well as with other teams such as marketing, engineering and senior management. Sales Workstyle Management offers the ability to communicate and collaborate with all these constituents via a web-based centralized location where all information related to an opportunity is easily available 24/7. Prospects buying teams also have round-the-clock access to all documents related to the project.

6. Sales Effectiveness Dashboard – Landslide is the only offering that incorporates buyer activity and level of engagement in building 'no-opinion' forecasts. It automatically tracks the salesperson's interactions with the buyer, the use of tools, and the movement through multiple phases of sales cycle to present to the management team a true, accurate picture of the pipeline. The system automatically tracks the performance and contribution of each activity without requiring the salesperson to enter additional data.

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