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Landslide Overview

Landslide Overview
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Landslide™ For Sales Professionals

Landslide's mission is simple. It's all about helping you move your opportunities to the next level, close deals, and accomplish your tasks with far greater speed and efficiency than you ever thought possible. Landslide does this through a unique and powerful combination of process-based selling software, live support services, and internet-based communications technologies, allowing you to gain unprecedented access to your customers, prospects, and team members. With Landslide, you get comprehensive sales support, guidance, job aids, and messaging that are always based on best practices and specific to the particular stage of your opportunity. Basically, you get what you what, when you want it, and when you need it most.

Built for salespeople

Landslide is created for salespeople by salespeople. It celebrates your work style, supporting you in things you like to do and freeing you from cumbersome administrative tasks and nonproductive data entry. Landslide produces results fast because it is designed to be used in the actual selling process – not in the pre- and post-sale processes of data capture and reporting. Through Landslide, you will get clear, intuitive guidance throughout your sales process; you will always know the right questions to ask; you will always have the right content to share at
the time you need it; and you will always be able to leverage best practices. Best of all, most of this happens automatically. Finally, you are not required to enter data unnecessarily or frequently because the system tracks your progress automatically. You can also reduce your data entry work load through Landslide's VIP Assistants. Simply call or email your live, personal VIP Assistants and they'll take care of that call report from your last meeting or update your contact information. Yes, it's that powerfully simple.

Provide a differentiated buying experience

Part of the art and science of moving any deal along is fully engaging your customers and prospects to make them feel like they are getting a truly unique buying experience. Yet, none of the current sales tools provide you the ability to better and more deeply engage your prospects. Landslide helps you both facilitate and accelerate this process by creating a truly collaborative, one-of-a-kind sales experience. Just open a dedicated web portal to fully engage your top customers and prospects. Post documents, review the chronology of activities, and send email or instant messages to anyone involved in the deal. You will never have to wait again to see if someone has opened or reviewed an important document, as this is confirmed automatically. Furthermore, you and your team will always know where you stand with a customer or prospect. By leveraging available communications tools like instant messaging and live web conferences, criticalinformation can flow freely and fluidly between team members, prospects, and customers. Communication is always clear and clearly superior on Landslide, helping you convert prospects into clients and transform existing customers into loyal customers.

Offload administrative work

Landslide's combination of strategic selling software, collaborative web channels, and live support services are powerfully configured to help you sell more with far less hassle. Everything has been designed to conform to the way you like to work and interact with your team and customers. However, Landslide goes beyond being just a software offering and also provides you access to live personal assistants to reduce your load, helping you complete important selling tasks or conduct high-level research on a new prospect. We call this true sales joy. We think you'll call it indispensable.