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Landslide Review

Landslide Review
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Ownership: Private
Founded: Not Published
Headquarters: Pittsburgh, PA
Software Type: Hosted

Landslide Review / Key Strengths

  • Selected “Cool Vendor” and “Visionary” by Gartner
  • For consultative salespeople with complex sales cycles
  • Purpose-built to help salespeople close more deals, not just enter account and contact data
  • Process-powered software shows salespeople what to do next and how
  • The only offering that lets your sales team set up dedicated portals for each prospect and track buyer activity.
  • Includes free access to live VIP assistants that offload the data entry tasks from your sales team.
  • Innovative dashboard shows sales ‘effectiveness’ as well as performance reports

Landslide Sales Workstyle Management Features

  • Customized, Three-Tier Sales Process
  • Sales Process includes selling phases,
  • selling activities & selling documents
  • Dedicated web portal for each prospect
  • Alerts when prospects download documents
  • Measures and tracks prospect interest
  • Live VIP Assistants for data entry
  • Online web conferencing
  • Opportunity management
  • Account management
  • Contact management
  • Task management
  • Activity management
  • Document Library
  • Sales Effectiveness Reports
  • Business Reports

About Landslide Sales Workstyle Software

Landslide's mission is to help salespeople achieve their revenue targets and improve the buying experience of their prospects. The Landslide offering is designed to help consultative salespeople win more business. It includes web-based software and Landslide VIP Assistant service. Landslide VIP provides each salesperson using Landslide access to a live assistant who can perform administrative, sales support and data entry tasks on their behalf.

Most SFA tools are glorified contact, task and information managers that turn high powered salespeople into administrators. Landslide is purpose-built to help salespeople execute more effectively and to close more business.

We designed Landslide after analyzing the workstyles of successful salespeople involved in complex sales and built an offering to support their unique Workstyle which consists of:

Process-based selling – successful salespeople follow a proven sales process and work every deal in their funnel against this process. Irrespective of size or industry, businesses that adopt and institutionalize a best-practice sales process do a better job of consistently meeting or exceeding their revenue and sales objectives than those that don’t. Using Landslide, salespeople clearly see and understand their company’s sales process and are able to manage each of their sales opportunities against this process framework. With Landslide, salespeople know exactly what they’ve accomplished and what activities they need to complete in order to move prospects through their pipeline to closure or, importantly, appropriate dismissal. Using Landslide, managers can conduct pipeline and territory reviews that are based on objective, process-based assessments versus subjective, opinion-based commentary.

Effective Communication with Prospects – successful salespeople know the right set of messaging, marketing communication, sales information, templates and job aids to use and apply at the right stage of their sales engagements. Landslide provides the platform that integrates these toolkit components directly with their best-practice sales process. With Landslide, salespeople are proactively guided on when to use certain messaging and job aids and have the latest version of these toolkit components available to use from within the application. As a result, the marketing department has immediate feedback on what marketing and sales collateral are being used and which items are most effective in moving prospects through the pipeline.
In addition, the software automatically creates dedicated portals for collaborating with each prospect. These portals become an always-available repository for the information exchanged between buyers and sellers during the course of a sales engagement. Importantly, the salesperson is alerted through Landslide and emailed when there is buyer activity on one of their portals. This facilitates timely and responsive follow-up by the salesperson. In addition, salespeople are able to set up and host a WebEx web conference directly from within Landslide. This reduces sales travel and expenses and facilitates a productive, distance selling environment.

Productive use of time – traditional CRM tools force additional data entry burden on salespeople taking them away from selling. At Landside, we understand that salespeople want to be selling – so they can meet their personal and company goals. This is why every Landslide sales user gets free access to live, VIP Assistants to whom they can offload their data entry work.