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Landslide Overview

Landslide Overview
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CRM vs. Landslide

Traditional CRM/SFA Landslide
Focused on capturing sales related data Focused on helping salespeople sell more
Fit for transaction oriented sales environment Built for strategic, consultative selling
Captures historical data on “what happened” Helps the salesperson make something happen - focused on “what’s next”
Focused on sales administration - account, contact, opportunity data
Built for improving sales effectiveness while still maintaining all critical account, contact and opportunity data
Designed for management Designed for the salesperson . Automatically generates the information needed by sales management.
Provides no guidance to salespeople Helps the salesperson with what to do next
Captures prospect contact data Captures prospect interest level and relevant contact data
  Built to move opportunities forward through the sales pipeline
No tools to engage & collaborate with prospects Unique tools to engage with prospects in a differentiated manner
  Dedicated portal to share documents & comments with prospects
  Email alerts indicate exactly when the prospect is ready to engage
  Ability to identify prospect’s area of interest
  Entire buying team has a uniform view of all interactions
High level sales process depiction is an after-thought Comprehensive sales process incorporating best practices
Sales process limited to tagging selling cycle stage In-depth Sales Workflow that helps a salesperson easily understand deal status and next steps
  Provides the salesperson’s best practice Selling Activities needed to complete a selling phase
  Supports multiple sales processes in support of various types of sales pursuits and sales organization structures
  Embeds the best Selling Tools needed to complete a Selling Activity
Is a sales database Provides a framework for implementing best practices
Integration with marketing limited to ‘library’ functionality Marketing content integrated directly into selling process
  Track and measure marketing collateral usage
  Helps marketing create ‘sales-ready’ content
Forecasts based on salesperson opinions and subjective interpretation of deal status Forecasts based on objective data on selling activities completed AND buyer activities
Force additional data entry burden on salespeople Removes data entry burden from salespeople
Cluttered, complex, data-oriented user interfaces Clean, uncluttered user interface supporting acceleration of deal velocity
Unclear ROI Measurable ROI (ramp time, close ratios, capacity)
Salespeople hate Salespeople love
Acts as a data repository Provides a strategic roadmap to get a deal closed
Used to record actions Used to engage “in the moment’ with a prospect