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Landslide Overview

Landslide Overview
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Landslide™ For Sales Managers

Getting a company's sales organization firing on all cylinders and consistently executing a sales revenue plan remains a top priority for senior management. Although providing some sales administration efficiencies, the investments made in sales automation aren't delivering enough value in the single most critical area: helping consultative sales people work and close more business in less time.

Management continues to view won business as an ad-hoc series of random events brought about by the natural talent of the minority of their sales team. Consistently successful sales execution across the majority of the team is a continual struggle. Marketing's connection and contribution to sales pipeline development and execution remains elusive.

Landslide sales workstyle management represents a refreshing change in sales management, especially for companies supporting complex sales that are information and communication intensive. Unlike sales automation offerings which focus on sales data capture and reporting, Landslide focuses on increasing the effectiveness of the actual selling activities. If you are looking to implement repeatable, predictable selling processes and tools, improve pipeline visibility and forecasting accuracy, and shorten start-up times for new hires, it's time to elevate Landslide on your list of strategic objectives.

Helps scale sales organizations by defining and implementing a selling process

Every company has a code – a sequence of activities that are the most effective in selling its offerings. Senior managers and founders of a company are very effective in using this sequence of activities to close deals. Yet there is no way for them to capture these processes and make them easily available to a larger sales team. By identifying your company's best selling process, while defining milestones and activities proven to be most effective in closing deals, Landslide provides salespeople with the direction and tactics to increase sales. Now everyone will know exactly what to do, when to do it, and will have access to all the right tools and messaging just when they are needed.

Improves visibility of your pipeline

Pipeline visibility is about more than knowing the number of deals and their probabilities to close. It is critical for sales managers to know what activities are occurring (or not occurring) in every opportunity in your sales pipeline and at every stage of your sales process. With Landslide, you are able to easily see exactly what stage an opportunity is in, what steps have been completed in the sales process, know where opportunities are stalled, and understand which sales tools and jobs aids are having the highest degree of impact. In addition, because :andslide captures your buyer's behavior and activities, you have visibility into buyer interest in your solution. Landslide's process and activity-centric software provides clear insight into exactly how long opportunities take to progress through each stage of your sales process, prompts salespeople and managers when opportunities stall, and compares success and failures against internal benchmarks to ensure continuous sales improvement.

Increases forecast accuracy by reducing data entry

A major concern for many sales executives today is the lack of accuracy in their sales forecasts. It's not uncommon to regularly experience a wide discrepancy between sales forecasts and actualrevenues as a result of the subjective nature of sales reports and the tendency of sales executives to assign closing probabilities that are either overly optimistic or far too conservative. Landslide's unique interface addresses these issues and concerns by eliminating subjective and opinion-based forecasting. Instead, close probabilities are generated based on execution of defined sales processes and achievement of milestones. The result? Dramatic improvement in your forecasting accuracy.

Integrates marketing content into selling process

Landslide is the only sales software that goes beyond providing salespeople access to a library of documents. It actually lets sales and marketing managers define exactly which documents and job aids should be used in the different stages of the selling cycle. Salespeople no longer have to search for the most relevant documents – the software presents the appropriate collateral automatically. This ability ensures that your solution is always presented and positioned in the most effective manner and is supported with the most useful collateral.

Get New Hires Up and Running Fast and Effectively

Landslide helps new hires quickly understand your sales process, giving them the direction and tools to succeed every step of the way. In addition to helping identify a company's best selling process, Landslide provides sales-ready tools, messaging, and job aids throughout the sales process that are specific to each stage of your sales cycle. These tools and messages become available to team members automatically, helping new hires quickly understand your sales process. Not only will they know exactly what to do, but they'll know how to do it and precisely when. With a clearly defined playbook now in hand, your entire sales team— including new hires— will be armed with timely, proven sales tactics to engage customers and close deals with unprecedented efficiency.

Supports a salesperson’s work style leading to fast adoption

No sales software solution in the world will be effective if your sales team fails to adopt it. While there are no guarantees of what will work best for you and your staff, you can be certain that solutions that increase the administrative load of your staff are almost guaranteed to fail. Salespeople like to always be in the selling mode, not administrative mode. They perform better when they are equipped with a proven selling process, sales tools based on best practices, and sales-ready messaging that keeps them in the pursuit mode. Landslide allows them to exploit today's latest technology— like instant messaging, web conferences, and dedicated customer portals for continuous collaboration – providing a powerful formula for success. Add an additional layer of sales support with Landslide's staff of live assistants, and your sales team will instantly understand both the value of Landslide and its enormous potential. Whether they use them in emergencies or on a daily basis to offload administrative work,
your sales team is sure to appreciate the support of Landslide's VIP assistants.