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landslide Overview

Landslide Overview
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Welcome to Landslide VIP Assistant

As a Landslide customer, you have access to a live VIP Assistant dedicated to maximize your selling time by off loading administrative data entry work. Whether it's adding new contacts or updating account information, your VIP assistant can save you valuable time by entering this data for you.

The Landslide VIP sales assistant can perform the following tasks for you:

  • Add new accounts/opportunities
  • Update existing accounts/opportunities
  • Modify/add deal profile field records
  • Modify/add custom field records
  • Modify/add checklist field records
  • Modify/add a contact for an opportunity
  • Activate/deactivate an io channel
  • Add/remove io channel access to an opportunity's contact
  • Add/remove io channel documents to an opportunity
  • Add/remove a secondary owner or team member
  • Add a note or team comment to an opportunity
  • Add a task or an alert
  • Schedule an event
  • Send emails to internal company contacts
  • Check off the completion of sales activities
  • Convey any information that currently exists in the application

The VIP assistant is not able to perform the following tasks:

  • Create/send emails to any external contacts
  • Create/modify any new or existing documents
  • Check off the completion of sales phases
  • Close any existing opportunities

You can view a record of all tasks performed by the VIP sales assistant in the “Activity History' section of your Landslide software.