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landslide Overview

Landslide Overview
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The New Nature of Selling

Finally there is an offering developed with you, the salesperson, in mind. With a single-minded focus on helping salespeople close more deals, Landslide fits alongside the Blackberry and cell phone as the next must-have personal technology gadget that salespeople rely on to support their day to day selling life.

What is Landslide?

Landslide is a hosted offering that combines live services and a unique selling software to directly help you close deals. The offering consists of three modules:

Data Entry by Live VIP Assistants

You no longer have to worry about entering data to keep your records updated or managers happy. Landslide VIP Service is a part of every Landslide subscription, and offers every salesperson a dedicated, live assistant to offload their data entry work.

Prospect Tracking with io Channel

The Landslide selling software helps you know which prospects are interested in your offering, who is on the buying team including the ‘invisible’ buyers, and exactly when to follow up with them.

Selling Strategically with Workstyle Software

Success in selling is not random or by luck; it is the result of following certain principles and practices in selling that consistently produce results. Our strategic selling software allows you to very easily define the activities that are critical to successfully selling your product so it is completely customized to meet your needs.

Landslide includes:

  • A live personal assistant to offload routine repetitive tasks such as contact management and reporting tasks;
  • The ability to receive automatic email alerts when prospects download sales proposals;
  • Strategic selling software and tools to guide them in following the most successful path to closing deals.

Landslide is not SFA/CRM

Anyone in sales knows this well: The last thing a salesperson needs is ‘automation’ and ‘force’ to do their jobs better. What they really need is an offering that is designed from the ground up with one purpose: to help salespeople close deals faster.

Traditional tools like SFA/CRM were never designed to help salespeople close deals. They were designed to help organize data and make it available to everyone in the company but did little to directly help salespeople navigate the selling cycle. In fact, in most cases, salespeople found that using these tools added one more ‘non-selling’ activity that took them away from selling. Salespeople have a unique Workstyle and need solutions that adhere to that Workstyle. For example:

  • Salespeople’s Workstyle are high stress, results-driven and communication intensive.
  • They want to always be in the selling/pursuing mode, not in the administrative mode entering and updating data and reports.
  • They constantly think about who to call and what to say so they really understand their customers’ needs.
  • They look for help in defining their offerings to highlight their unique benefits.
  • What they don’t like is hours of data entry just to please their managers. And not knowing if the customer read their proposal.
  • And being surprised by invisible buyers on the buying team.

At Landslide we understand all this. That’s why we have built a ‘Workstyle management’ offering not just another
database driven product. It addresses the key elements of what you need to succeed and goes far beyond contact
management to make you more productive and effective in producing the results you want.

How Will It Help Me?

Landslide’s mission is simple. It’s all about helping you move your opportunities to the next level, close deals, and accomplish your tasks with far greater speed and efficiency than you ever thought possible. With Landslide, you get comprehensive sales support, guidance, job aids and messaging that are always based on best practices and specific to the particular stage of your opportunity. Basically, you get what you what, when you want it, and when you need it most. Landslide will help you:

Close Deals Consistently

Most sales professionals agree that consistently winning business is the result of following a certain set of activities or best practices that always work. Some of you naturally follow this process while others learn it over time. To date, salespeople have had no simple yet meaningful way of defining a selling process that they can follow easily. Landslide provides you this ability. You can define the exact process and set of activities that work for your product and industry or you can choose from a library of best-practice processes already defined within Landslide. Either way, at the end of a few hours, you will have a proven sales process clearly visible to follow.

Have High Impact Conversations

A critical element of successful selling is the nature of conversations you have with your prospect. Do you ask the right questions depending upon the role of the buyer? What are those right questions? Are you sharing benefits or features of your product? What questions are appropriate at what stage of the selling cycle? All of us have experienced the negative results of discussing price too soon or not establishing if our contact is the decision maker. Landslide can easily embed ‘conversation guides’ into the selling process so you always know exactly what conversation to have.

Track and Measure Prospect Behavior for Better Lead Qualification

What if you could reduce or eliminate the amount of time spent following up on leads only to find they are not interested? And increase the time and effort spent on prospects that are really interested? This is what Landslide lets you do with its io Channel. Using io channel, salespeople can post documents such as proposals, contracts, whitepapers and datasheets to a secure site which can be accessed by the prospect at their convenience. Not only does this eliminate the delivery issues related to file size or spam filters, it also allows you to track who in the buying team is downloading which document and when. You receive an email alert every time a prospect engages with the content you have posted. Now you know when to follow up with them and what they are interested in so you have a far more targeted and effective conversation. No more guessing if an opportunity is hot or cold – now you have facts to determine that.