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Salesnet Review

Salesnet Review
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Ownership: Public (NYSE: RNOW)
Founded: 1999
Headquarters: Atlanta, GA
Customers: Sovereign Bank, LXE, ITSM Academy, Namasco, Valley Bakers
Software Type: Hosted

Salesnet Review / Key Strengths

  • Intelligent Pipeline Management Ė While there are many CRM products on the market today, only Salesnet provides Intelligent Pipeline Management - the built-in capability to view real-time information on pipeline opportunities, to see related sales activities and to distinguish how this information is changing over time.
  • Engage Your Way Ė Salesnet offers an easy-to-use customization tool that allows you to Engage Your Way by configuring Salesnet to your unique processes, without having to involve your IT department. Or, if youíre struggling with process definition, Salesnet offers industry best practices to help you implement a process that will work for you.
  • Keep It Simple with Salesnet Ė The Keep It Simple with Salesnet functionality automates many tasks that sales reps do on a daily basis to keep track of whatís happening with accounts - decreasing time in front of the computer and increasing time in front of the customer.

Salesnet Features

  • Patented Sales Process Workflow Engine: Salesnetís application allows the customer to create multiple sales processes that will drive effectiveness.
  • Color Coded Activity: Salesnetís application uses color code to drive the right activities at the right time. This color code activity takes the guess work out of what the sales person should do today and allows managers to see who isnít keeping up with their day to day interactions with the client.
  • Slice and Dice Data: Salesnetís ability to slice and dice the data in real time is unmatched. You can query the data with unlimited query items. You can also change the fields in a layout, change the order of the fields, group the data base on multiple fields and add filters. Once you have sliced and diced the data you can then export it to word or excel.
  • Snap Shot Reporting: Allows users to take snapshots of reports and compare these snapshots to current reports or other snapshots. No longer does a sales managers have to try to figure out why his forecast has changed, Salesnetís snapshot compare tell the sales manager what has change and by how much.
  • Dashboard Compare: Allows users to compare up to 24 instances of how a dashboard has changed over time.
  • Salesnet Security, Stability and Scalability: Salesnetís application infrastructure is designed to provide airtight security, with 99.6% uptime and unlimited scalability.
  • Marketing, Communication Manager: Create custom templates for form letters, envelopes, labels and HTML email using Microsoft Word. Templates can be used within Salesnet for mass email campaigns, proposal generation, and a wide variety of communications. E-mails can be generated within Salesnet with the click of a mouse.
  • Multiple Layouts and Layout Usage: Create multiple screen layouts for Accounts, Contacts and Deals, and grant usage rights to layouts for specific positions, teams and individuals. This allows for customized interfaces for different departments.
  • Importing & Exporting Data: Import data in comma separated values (CSV) file format from external sources. You can export your data directly to Excel or a comma separated values (CSV) file for manipulation in other applications.
  • Won/Lost Reason Codes for Deals: Enable your organization to analyze why its Opportunities are being Won or Lost, which is key information for improving your sales organization and increasing your bottom line.
  • Message Center: The Message Center gives you a centralized hub for sending and receiving messages to and from other people using Salesnet.
  • Company Preferences: Set SSL encryption as mandatory for everyone, establish the number of consecutive times someone can log in unsuccessfully before being locked out (login attempt limit), establish password rules, choose your multi-note options, and choose your linked email options for greater company security and more standardized processes.
  • Individual and Company Profiles: Manage your personal profile, the profiles of each person using Salesnet, and your companyís profile. Assign privileges, allowing people to access certain areas of Salesnet.
  • Web Services API: Integrate your Salesnet data with other best-of-breed applications like call center, marketing automation and customer support software via XML Web Services.

About Salesnet

Founded in 1999, Salesnet is a pioneer in customer relationship management software, offering CRM that drives sales effectiveness and gives companies true pipeline visibility.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Salesnet is part of RightNow, a provider of on demand customer relationship management (CRM) solutions that help consumer-centric organizations deliver great customer experiences. Founded in 1997, RightNow is headquartered in Bozeman, Montana, employs more than 700 people, and serves over 1,900 organizations worldwide. RightNow is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol RNOW.

Update for 2010: The first quarter of 2010 marks the release of The New Salesnet. With a brand new interface and many exciting new features, the New Salesnet has become a CRM system for the next decade.

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