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Salesnet Customers

Salesnet Customers

"There are a variety of factors behind our success," recalls Schwartz. "But a lot of it is due to Salesnet. Having all of our processes built into Salesnet has allowed us to not only do twice the amount of work in half the amount of time, but to do it more consistently and effectively."

Lisa Schwartz,
Co-owner of ITSM Academy
ITSM Academy


"Salesnet, which we call NamascoNet internally, has transformed how we sell. It integrates with our operational systems and provides a consolidated, real time view of not only quantitative data, but also qualitative information such as the latest call reports. Further, with NamascoNet we have instant access to how each salesperson's numbers stack up against forecast at any point in time, so we always have true pipeline visibility."

Marty Flanagan
VP of Sales and Marketing
Namasco | Primary Steel | Temtco Steel


"We chose Salesnet because it could accommodate the complexity of the financial services industry and because it could support various selling models. Salesnet's CRM application is a scalable and easily customizable sales solution".

Bill Patten
Director of Sales & Policy Administration
Sovereign Bank


"We expect to grow our business tenfold in the next 10 years, and Salesnet is a critical part of our success today and tomorrow. Since things happen so fast in retail, we always need different way to attract business. Salesnet gives us the flexibility to change how we sell to our customers to attract new ones. Salesnet is a dream come true for us."

George Purnell
Vice President
Jubilations Cheesecake - Small Business CRM at Work


"Salesnet is flexible, easy to use, and extremely easy to manage. It has enabled us to standardize our business practices so that we can seamlessly measure and monitor our sales and marketing activities. We can quickly capitalize on sales leads and move deals forward. With essentially no internal IT support, we were able to implement Salesnet in a few weeks and quickly take the appropriate steps to model and reinforce our best business practices."

Bill Muller
Director of Marketing