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Salesnet Review

Salesnet Overview
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The Salesnet Platform

Intelligent Pipeline Management
While there are many CRM products on the market today, only Salesnet provides Intelligent Pipeline Management - the built-in capability to view real-time information on pipeline opportunities, to see related sales activities and to distinguish how this information is changing over time.

Engage Your Way
Salesnet offers an easy-to-use customization tool that allows you to Engage Your Way by configuring Salesnet to your unique processes, without having to involve your IT department. Or, if you're struggling with process definition, Salesnet offers industry best practices to help you implement a process that will work for you.

Keep It Simple with Salesnet
The Keep It Simple with Salesnet functionality automates many tasks that sales reps do on a daily basis to keep track of what's happening with accounts - decreasing time in front of the computer and increasing time in front of the customer.