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Leadmaster Product Overview

LeadMaster Product Overview
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A complete web-based system for Customer Relationship Management, Sales Force Automation, Lead Tracking and Virtual Call Centers

Pull together all the pieces of the puzzle -- sales, marketing and call center operations -- with one online system. Easy-to-use tools support your entire business team every step of the way. Sales reps can access real-time lead information from their mobile device while they are on the road. Marketing teams can tie in demand generation programs from any source, including the corporate website, telemarketing programs, search engine marketing and events. Channel partners can log in to update shared business opportunities. Management decision-makers can view real-time dashboards to see real-time results.

Build and nurture a centralized online database

Grow your knowledgebase
Drive all of your leads from every source -- forms on your website, search engine marketing, telemarketing campaigns and more -- into a single hosted online customer relationship management (CRM) database. Build a solid pipeline for sales to feed on. Grow a knowledgebase of prospect data and feedback for marketing.

Track leads every step of the way
Convert more leads into sales by tracking progress from lead generation to lead close. Use the data in your online CRM database to see where the sales process works, and identify where it is breaking down. Gather intelligence on which reps are the most productive.

Close more sales
Empower your sales team, both inside reps and extended business partners, with sales force automation (SFA) tools that enable them to spend more time selling and less time with mundane administrative tasks like updating contacts, sending follow-up emails and scheduling meetings. The result will be a happier, more productive sales force.

Measure return on investment
Analyze and compare results from marketing programs to determine where you are getting the best return on investment (ROI) on your marketing dollars. Which creative is generating the most leads? What call to action resonates the most with your prospects? Which campaigns are resulting in the most closed sales? Which efforts are netting the most revenue?

Web-enable your call center
Put the power of a virtual call center to work for your company. Instantly ramp up inbound and outbound campaigns with wizard-based script creation, easy-to-use tools for collaboration and call stats tracking.