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Microsoft CRM Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives your employees direct access to customer information through Office Outlook, enabling access to the information they need whether in the office or on the road. Microsoft Dynamics CRM not only slips right into your employees' lives without disruption, it also adapts easily to your existing business workflow and processes. You or your information technology (IT) partner can quickly modify application forms, data fields, and relationships and add new activities and objects without writing a single line of code.

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infor Infor delivers what the large, one-size-fits-all enterprise software providers cannotóbusiness-specific solutions with industry experience built in, low total cost of ownership and a return on investment our customers donít have to wait for.

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Soffront Soffront CRM offers a complete CRM solution for the Mid-market. A CRM pioneer since 1992, Soffront spans the enterprise with integrated CRM: sales, marketing, help desk, defect tracking and more. Soffront CRM is powerful, flexible and affordable. It is designed to readily adapt to your processes, workflows, data and users.

» Soffront Demo » Soffront Review » Product Overview CMPro Plusô, designed by CRMG, is by far the most comprehensive, flexible, affordable and easy-to-use CRM solution on the market today. At CRMG itís more than just software. Itís about strategically aligning the right tools, the right people and the right resources for maximum gains.

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c2crm C2CRM is clearly different. It offers the power and flexibility usually reserved for CUSTOM CRM solutions, with the ease of use and implementation typically associated with contact managers. There's simply nothing like C2CRM and it's ready to help your business improve productivity, increase sales and boost your bottom line.

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Brainsell Brainsell Technologies, LLC, a leading CRM systems integrator and provider headquartered in Massachusetts with offices in Virginia and Ohio. When companies of any size are seeking new and innovative ways to make their external and internal communications processes more efficient and profitable, they can rely on Brainsell to provide and implement proven CRM solutions.

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PhaseWare PhaseWare provides best-of-breed help-desk and customer-support software solutions for clients worldwide. PhaseWare Tracker, the companyís flagship offering, is a robust, feature-rich application thatís flexible, affordable and easy to use. Unlike many available solutions, Tracker and its Sentry and Concierge enhancements are specifically optimized for teams providing support to external customers for complex offerings, including software, hardware and services.

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