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CRMG Overview

CRMG Overview
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  • Global Benefits

    When we at CRMG look at a new CRM implementation, we immediately want to know the details. What processes are currently in place? How can our CRM software enhance them to increase productivity? We then configure the software to your specific business needs. We believe in adapting software to business; not business to software.

    Our CRM solution then becomes your daily platform. Your clients, your e-mail, your sales pipeline, your calendar; everything you use on a day-to-day, month-to-month and year-to-year basis is comprehensively linked inside of the software. We give you the ability to work on your business instead of in your business.

    Not everyone in your business will use the CRM the same way. That's why we deploy the software with customized user levels to facilitate user adoption. From beginner to expert, our software adapts to each user's needs. You won't waste time copying contacts over; our powerful import and merge features allow you to integrate your contact base with your current systems.

  • Business Process Management

    Once you set your business process up in the system, our CRM software guides the process with automated alerts and reminders at each stage. Track what is falling behind and stay on top of what is coming up next. Automate sales follow-up steps in order to minimize lost opportunities due to insufficient follow-up. Automate prospecting procedures and make sure you do what you do well, consistently. Create and send group and HTML marketing emails with our powerful group e-mail tool.

  • Sales and Pipeline Management

    You will wonder how you ever got by before you started using CMPro's unique timeline approach to sales. It's hard to believe, but the most important component to sales, time, is missing in all CRM/SFA systems on the market today. CRMG also gives you the flexibility to create multiple sales templates based on sales teams, products and services, timelines, and sales types, among others.

    Keep the full sales history of each opportunity together in one place. Link products and services sold, task activity from the first follow-up call to what's due next week, all incoming and outgoing correspondence, and documents to each opportunity. If that's not enough, we'll also let you view it all at the contact, company, and account level.
  • Account Management

    Manage your clients from an account level. View pending activity as well as history for the entire account. Set yearly targets and manage revenue expectations, complete with 3-D charts. Assign ownership and access permissions to account managers, reps, and other key personnel.

  • Contact Management

    At CRMG, we believe that contact management is more than home phone, pager, and secondary e-mail address.  That’s why we offer unlimited, customizable contact screen tabs. There’s room for up to five e-mail addresses per contact, and you designate the preferred phone and email. Maintain individual preferences, like preferred meeting time, availability, likes/dislikes, and hobbies.

    Contacts are organized by company hierarchy for easy identification. Manage the contacts based on permissions – not everyone needs access to every contact. Create and share unlimited folders and sub-folders as needed. Find the history as well as any document attachments on the contact screen itself.

    Keep everything running smoothly by merging contacts to eliminate duplicates.

  • Communication Management

    CRMG is proud to offer complete incoming and outgoing e-mail integration. This means that any e-mail you send or receive is automatically attached to the contact record. Let your assitant confirm your appointments by giving "send on behalf of" permissions.

    Create appointments and check who's available directly from your incoming email screen with the help of our mini calendar.

    It's easy to create HTML newsletters and marketing emails, and the group distribution feature allows you to personalize the email for each recipient.

  • Team Management

    Manage your team right from our CRM platform. Assign ownership of tasks, contacts, and accounts. Create due dates and times for all tasks, and then easily change the due date or assign it to someone else if it falls behind. Read and write permissions on team member calendars allow for easy scheduling; if you're planning a meeting, you can view several calendars at once to see what time works for everyone.

    Keep track of individual or team activity with activity reports, or just check on your team's pending or completed tasks. Identify which tasks you delegate versus which ones are delegated to you at a glance.

  • Document Management

    CRMG helps you store all your important documents in one easy-to-access place. Because you actually upload the files to the system, rather than simply creating shortcuts, they're still stored on our database even if your hard drive crashes.

    Then, attach those documents, such as proposals or contracts, to contact records, opportunities, meetings, or just about anywhere you would like to find them. Share document folders with your whole team and never send an out-dated price list again!

  • Meeting Management

    CRMG's platform also comes with a complete meeting management component. Create a meeting right on your calendar, set the location, add the participants, and outline the agenda topics and alotted duration. Attend the meeting from inside our CRM software, and then share your notes or keep them private. Once the meeting is over, easily create follow-up activities such as action items or phone calls for all participants. Of course, you can always go back and reference all the information relating to that meeting at any time.

  • Workflow Management

    Okay, keeping action items and phone call reminders all in one place is great. But wouldn't it be nice your software generated them for you? We thought so, too. Once you set up your workflow rules, the system will help keep everyone on schedule and aware of each step towards providing that excellent customer support you're known for, or any of your regular business processes.

  • Schedule Management

    CRMG's calendar has a Microsoft Outlook look and feel, with lots of our own features. Share your calendar read and write permissions with team members and easily coordinate group schedules, or just find out who's free for the game next Monday. Unlimited color labels for appointments empowers you to keep track of activities as diverse as your employee and client base. Any appointment also comes with the ability to create a confirmation call or follow-up activities right from the appointment screen. You can view your calendar and tasks together for any day. Mark your calendar items as done … isn't that the best feeling? You can also view two time zones simultaneously, and our software will automatically adjust appointment times based on time zone as well.