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CRMG Review

CRMG Review
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Ownership: Private
Founded: 2001
Headquarters: Dallas, TX
Software Type: On-Premise

CRMG Review / Key Strengths

  • Only CRM with complete e-mail integration (incoming and outgoing e-mails automatically copied to contact records)
  • Web browser or desktop access to your database
  • Unparalleled Sales Management with integrated workflow rules and automated alerts
  • Easy to use
  • Forward-thinking, user driven design
  • GUARANTEED SUCCESS with our unique approach!

CRMG Features

  • Business Process Management
  • Sales and Pipeline Management
  • Contact Management
  • Communication Management
  • Calendar & Schedule Management
  • Team Management
  • Automated Workflow Rules
  • Manage Accounts
  • Documents
  • Meetings
  • Surveys
  • Marketing Campaigns

About CRMG Software

CMPro Plus™, designed by CRMG, is by far the most comprehensive, flexible, affordable and easy-to-use CRM solution on the market today. At CRMG it’s more than just software. It’s about strategically aligning the right tools, the right people and the right resources for maximum gains.

Over the years, we have learned the secrets to success in every CRM implementation. We focus on an ongoing relationship with our clients, starting with active involvement in deployment. We sit down and get to know your business. By identifying what you want to accomplish, we are able to help you deploy the software to its fullest potential and help you achieve success by working together toward the same goal.

Using our patent-pending STEP™ (Strategic Evaluation and Planning) methodology, we learn your business processes, your short-term and immediate needs and your long-term goals. We then configure the CRM to meet your needs and align with your strategy. As part of the STEP process we learn about how you will be using the CRM system, what your main objectives are and what end-results are expected at the desktop level and at the management level.

In most cases, not all initiatives can be met at once. Each level of success in your CRM implementation is inherently dependant on the effectiveness of the previous phase.

Our Approach to Success

Here’s something that no other CRM vendor will tell you – 65-70% of all CRM implementations fail! Many industry experts have presented theories and speculations to explain this failure rate. Vendors have a classic “throw-the-blame” approach to escape responsibility.

At CRMG, we have a clear and simple approach to CRM. First, we’ve identified the most common reasons why CRM implementations fail, by conducting years of research and by getting actual feedback from current clients. Whether you are trying to revive a stalled CRM implementation, or even planning a new one, we understand the evasive thin line between success and failure. Here's a high level overview.

  • Most Common Mistake:
    Confusing CRM with technology implementation. Vendors use technology buzzwords as selling points. Companies often hand CRM implementation off to the IT department, just like any other software.
  • Our Approach:
    Just because something is technically possible doesn't mean it's feasible. The difficult part of CRM is getting the company’s culture and structure onboard. That’s why it takes the involvement of a company’s leadership for CRM to be effective.
  • Static vs. Dynamic Approach:
    CRM is what companies do, not something they implement. Treating CRM as a one-step process often leads to key initiative areas being poorly addressed and allows for strategic and tactical loopholes.
  • Our Approach:
    Building a customer-centric organization takes time, planning and dedication. CRM implementation is a step-by-step process with awareness, clearly defined funding strategies and most importantly, attainable goals. CRMG is the only vendor that provides CRM as a service, not a product. Business changes and so should software.
  • End-User Involvement:
    Lone rangers and super heroes will change the direction of your CRM implementation. One lone champion of your CRM implementation or one lone ranger who does not buy-in can be equally detrimental. Lack of end-user involvement magnifies the risk of misunderstanding the project requirements and can lead to requirements that shift and creep. No CRM can succeed in this environment.
  • Our Approach:
    Our delivery process is designed with the end-user’s involvement in all phases. Documenting a department’s sub-process and making sure that the overall CRM initiative is in-line and in tune with these requirements is part of our standard deployment mechanism. Taking this one step further, as automation brings new opportunities for improvement, processes and sub-processes gain new chances at efficiency improvements. Since we deliver service, not a product, we are there with you again. This is an ever changing, ever improving cycle that companies don’t realize when starting a CRM initiative.
  • Product Mistakes:
    Common mistakes include over-customization, delivering everything at once, automating “as is”, increasing complexities and lack of ownership. In a mad race to own the biggest, most feature-rich CRM product on the market, with the most built-in reports, CRM products are becoming more and more complicated and difficult to use.
  • Our Approach:
    The ultimate success of your CRM implementation depends more on your end-users’ commitment than anything else. We’ve found that true CRM success lies in strategy, focusing on goals, and the ability to adapt the software to a constantly changing business environment. To aid in user adoption, we’ve designed a simple and easy-to-use interface that is similar to most commonly used Windows applications.