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TechExcel CRM and Help Desk Review

TechExcel Review
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Ownership: Private
Founded: 1995
Headquarters: Lafayette, CA
Software Type: On-Premise CRM, Help Desk and Service Management


TechExcel Strengths/Key Features

  • Develop repeatable, measurable, documented and enforced processes
  • Develop more knowledgeable and efficient staff through better prioritization, process automation and user self-service
  • Create a high quality of service at a reasonable cost
  • Act as single point of contact for user requests, user-submitted incidents and infrastructure-generated incidents
  • Help to lower IT costs and manage compliance
  • Align critical IT infrastructure and service support processes with the priorities of the business
  • Flexibility to define notification and escalation rules in the organization
  • Improve security and accountability of critical incident and event-driven processes with user identity confirmation


TechExcel CRM Features

  • Incident and Resolution Tracking
  • Knowledge Management
  • Sophisticated Workflow
  • Multiple Automated Notification Options
  • Built-in Reports and Analysis
  • Customizable Customer Web Portal
  • Manage Campaigns
  • Track Every Lead
  • Sophisticated Online Marketing Tools
  • Qualify Leads More Effectively
  • Integration with Sales Teams
  • Marketing Event-Triggered Surveys


TechExcel Help Desk Features

  • Incident/Problem tracking
  • Change request tracking
  • Self Service Portal
  • Configurable Business Processes
  • Workflow management
  • Customizable User Interface
  • Automate Tasks and Events
  • Notification
  • Interface Options
  • Attachments and Screen Capture
  • Knowledgebase and Document Storage
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Out-of-box Solution Templates
  • Auto-Escalation


TechExcel ServiceWise
THE Premier IT Service Management Software

What is TechExcel ServiceWise?

ServiceWise is a totally customizable and comprehensive internal Help Desk and IT Service Management (ITSM) solution.  It gives you the power to enforce business rules and optimize business processes whether you are a 25-person or 10,000-person support organization. Automate and streamline IT services and help desk activities with configurable workflow(s), process management, email notification and a searchable knowledge base. Facilitate self service with a powerful web portal that includes online incident submission, status checks, online conversations and intuitive knowledge base searches. Empower IT teams by providing a single, integrated solution for all their needs:  help desk incident management, problem escalation and analysis, IT change management, and optional holistic asset tracking.

With TechExcel ServiceWise you get more “Out-of-the-Box”
Out-of-the-Box Features Include:

  • Incident/Problem/Tracking: Track all incidents and problems with full audit trail throughout the resolution life cycle.
  • Change Request Tracking: All change request records are stored with full history of changes to the record throughout the lifecycle
  • End-User Web Portal: Fully customizable portal. The portal is a single-access point for end-users reporting problems, requesting service, downloading software, accessing request forms and for searching knowledge.
  • Business Rules: Create workflow and custom business processes without programming or scripting
  • Workflow Engine: Implement your unique incident and problem resolution processes using the easy to use workflow editor.
  • Customizable Interface: Pages and fields are user-defined using a simple GUI tool that allows a complete customization of interfaces and field choices.
  • Events: Create review tasks, testing tasks, and approval tasks throughout the lifetime of any incident or request.
  • Auto-Routing: Route incidents and problems to an appropriate team member by expertise, availability or a combination of both.  Or to a group folder, state or priority depending on your business rules.
  • Auto-Escalation: Escalate incidents or problems based on a combination of categories and time criteria including: elapsed time, no progress made, open too long or due date approaching/passed.
  • Notification: Alerts and Reminders define notification rules to ensure efficient communication throughout the resolution process.
  • Windows Smart Client and Web Interface: A support team member or an administrator can either work locally using either the Windows client or the Web browser or remotely using the Web browser. Administrators, dispatchers and support reps working remotely can perform their usual functions. Remote end-users worldwide can access and be supported from the same database.
  • Attachments and Screen Capture: Both End-Users and Support Team Reps can add attachment or use the built-in screen capture function to add documents or pictures to a ticket or upload them to the knowledge base.
  • Browser: Supports IE 6.0 or higher, Netscape Communicator 6.0 or higher and Mozilla Firefox 1.0 or higher.  Compatible with Apple Safari 1.0 or higher.
  • Knowledge View & Document Storage: Resolved incidents, self-service support topics, HTML links, and file attachments can be easily categorized and indexed in the ServiceWise knowledge base. Full text and keyword searches of the knowledge base quickly return documents ranked by relevancy. Resolved incidents can be published as new knowledge items to help resolve similar problems in the future. Those items may be attached to any incident and forwarded to the user.
  • Reporting & Analysis: Includes complete, out-of-the-box, reporting with list reports, trend reports, summary reports and distribution reports. Each report is easily customizable, and can be saved, on a per-user basis using a simple reporting configuration page. Dynamic Web Query reports may also be created for on-demand management reporting.

With ServiceWise businesses can:

  • Quickly identify and resolve infrastructure incidents before they disrupt the business
  • Automate reminders, review tasks and approvals throughout the lifetime of any incident or request
  • Deliver on-demand support 24/7 with the end-user portal
  • Seamlessly integrate incidents or requests, forms, downloads, knowledge and reports; all accessible by a single link
  • Create a fully customized GUI for both technicians and end-users

About TechExcel Software Overview

TechExcel unifies the enterprise by bridging the gap between product development and service / support. This end-to-end environment empowers companies to optimize the relationship between these important organizations without sacrificing autonomy or business processes and provides a collaborative environment that significantly saves time and resources.

TechExcel's Service and Support Management solutions provide enterprises with total visibility and actionable intelligence for all service desk, asset management and CRM business processes. The fully integrated service desk solutions support ITIL best practice methodologies and deliver improved financial performance, increased management functionality and organizational alignment.

As enterprises rely more heavily on the IT organization, reactive and stand-alone help desks are no longer sufficient to handle the growing demand and complexity of today's distributed businesses. As the IT organization finalizes its move from a cost center to an integral part of the infrastructure, service and support management functions must rely on a single version of truth to ensure that processes are optimized and that the entire business flourishes. TechExcel Service Suite unified the service desk, asset management and customer relationship management functions with a single configuration management database (CMDB) user interface and integrated workflow.