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TechExcel Customers

TechExcel Customers
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Customer Testimonal

Jim Summers
VP of Quality Assurance

"Having our internal QA teams and studio development teams on the same system enables us to improve our communication and more efficiently coordinate our workflow throughout various parts of the company."

Lou Pedron
Director, Quality Systems

"After three years of continuous use at CryptoLogic, DevTrack has met our expectations for defect management, tracking and reporting, and then some. The customizable user interface has enhanced our ability to use DevTrack across the organization."

Ryan Arnold
IS Manager
-Data Flow Systems

"After nearly a decade in the IT field, it is quite rare to find the level of support I’ve found with TechExcel, in terms of technical/product knowledge, quick response, and personal interaction. The continued correspondence during the planning and review period was indicative of nothing less than professional excellence. "

Greg Ortega
Customer Support Systems Administrator
-Palomar Technologies
Vista, CA

"The features ServiceWise offered exactly met what we were looking for. Because ServiceWise has been so flexible and easy to configure we were able to use this tool to discipline our business processes.I appreciate TechExcel's support and continual refinement of this application even as they pursue aggressive development of other front office applications. With this kind of synergy the sky is the limit as we implement future enhancements of this product."

Jim Battaglieri
Director of Services and Support

"TechExcel had what we were looking for: a scalable support center solution that gave us the option to add more CRM functionality down the road. Not only did their product make more sense than any of the other products I had seen, but it cost less than half of what other vendors were charging for their products."

Dong-Hwan Cho
Process Improvement Manager

"After evaluating several vendors, we chose DevTrack because it was the only application that met all of our needs. We (Humax) have multi-national development teams, so multiple language support and system stability were a major concern. DevTrack met all of our expectations, and in two years, we had no unexpected downtime."

Francois Caron
Director of Support
-Recruitsoft Quebec, Canada

"I would definitely recommend ServiceWise because of the flexibility of the admin module, the ease of customization, and the openness of the database which allows access to the data so we can create reports and integrate with other tools.We really needed a tool to manage all of our incidents and this tool is really able to do the job.I dreamed of a system and I found it in ServiceWise."

Yinon Eliaz
Manager of Customer Services Americas
-XACCT Technologies
Santa Clara, CA

"It's a very flexible product that allows you to do whatever you want. If you want to design a workflow, you can do it. If you want to notify people in a particular way, you can do it. If you want to integrate a document or an attachment, you can do it. If you want to use specific reports, you can do it.I would definitely recommend ServiceWise. The product is extremely flexible so you can design it in the way you want to provide you with the results you want.ServiceWise is extremely flexible, but it's also very powerful."

John Selters
Acting Vice President of Technical Services
-TriTech Software
San Diego, CA

"ServiceWise helps us to be more productive.which makes my life easier. It is a very user friendly, feature rich application. I frequently receive calls from potential ServiceWise clients and I always recommend the product."

Jenifer Booth
Lead Quality Engineer
Toronto, Canada

"I was given the responsibility of implementing a defect-tracking system into a company that did not have one. I researched a number of tools and I also have prior experience working with SQA [Rational] and Lotus Notes. I found that of all the tools, none could compare to DevTrack as far as rich functionality, ease of use, total customization and reasonable price."

Stephen Holmes
Engineering Manager
-LionBRIDGE Technologies
Dublin, Ireland

"We looked for a distributed defect-tracking solution for over 18 months. As an ISO 9000 accredited localization company, we were simply unable to find anything that was powerful, scalable and easy to use until we discovered DevTrack. We looked long and hard.DevTrack was the clear favorite each time. Both the end-user staff and System Administrators find it unbelievably easy to use, administer, and customize.. The integration with Microsoft's Visual SourceSafe is also quite nice."

Art Gust
Quality Assurance Manager
Denver, CO

"The primary reason we chose DevTrack was ease-of-use. The [Microsoft] SQL Server support is also very important.. We have become 25-30 percent more efficient using DevTrack.. One primary reason, in a business sense, for us becoming a more mature development organization is our use of DevTrack. We are able to plan better now. (A full case study can be reviewed on this Web site under Case Studies.)"

Mike Holtz
Project Manager
Shavlik Technologies
(Microsoft Solution Partner)
-White Bear Lake, MN

"We choose DevTrack over Visual Intercept [Elsinore Technologies] because of its ease-of-use, intuitive design, and it is easy to explain to the rest of the team. The DevTrack interface is better; one window with everything right there. The GUI is superior. It is also easy to administer. The searching, reporting, and customization is also better in DevTrack. The searching is powerful and the reporting is quite nice.the extensive out-of-the-box reporting covers most of the basics."

Shirley Siler Foote
QA Manager
-Micro Information Products
Austin, TX

"The ease-of-use is incredible and the learning curve was very small - most users were trained in under 10 minutes. The performance of DevTrack has been exceptional."

Pierre Cloutier
-Progeny Software
Nova Scotia, Canada

"DevTrack helps us make our deadlines and focus our resources. I would say that we are anywhere from 25 to 40 percent more productive using DevTrack, which is very significant. When you realize that a difference of three or four percent is the difference between profit and loss, 30 percent is really significant . (A full case study can be reviewed on this Web site under Case Studies.)"

Robert Naicker
Quality Manager
-C3 Computer Telephony
Cambridgeshire, UK

"C3 Computer Telephony is Europe's Leading Company specializing in Computer Telephony. As with most successful companies, the challenge of keeping pace with the changing needs of the marketplace and our own expansion from a small development team to a medium one is a major undertaking.

One of the requirements for a smooth transition was a system for controlling many products with input from customers, management, technical support and sales. We looked at several products - including established market leaders - but chose DevTrack based on cost, ease-of-use and its [Microsoft] SQL Server capability. We very quickly noticed improvements in the way we performed as a team. Issues were prioritized better and our turnaround from initialization to product release has improved by 25%. The range and depth of reports in DevTrack is such that we can now effectively monitor and analyze the development process and implement timely corrective action.

In short, DevTrack has become an invaluable tool in helping to produce quality products and we fully recommend it to anyone wishing to manage software development better "

Robert Lachner
Brea, CA

"We first purchased DevTrack to be our incident-tracking system. Because of its ease-of-use, folks in other departments wanted to use it to track other items. We now [also] use it as a work-order system and a task list. (A full case study can be reviewed on this Web site under Case Studies.)"

Mark Anderson
Vice President, Research & Development
-Pilgrim Software Development
Wareham, MA

"I recently downloaded DevTrack and installed it on [Microsoft] SQL Server within one hour, with no difficulty whatsoever. That was really impressive. I was then able to easily create my own project and start using the product immediately. You have also opened up your product enough to let me do some things ... for example, DevTrack allows users to do things like create my own custom Crystal Reports, and use them within your program. That is really nice. It's very easy to use and you folks have thought of everything.

I had first tried Track Record [Underware, Inc.], and was so frustrated after two hours, I sent it back. Track Record uses dBase ... DevTrack is ODBC compliant, so I can use any ODBC-compliant database. You did a good job."

Stacey Shulman
Lead Test Engineer
-Retail Technologies, Inc.
Sacramento, CA

"The Windows environment is a huge difference.. The performance has been excellent and we have had no problems with the program. Administration is very, very easy. (A full case study can be reviewed on this Web site under Case Studies.)"