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Pivotal Review

Pivotal Review
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Ownership: Public (NASDAQ: CDCS)
Founded: N/A
Headquarters: Atlanta, GA
Software Type: Hosted and On-Premise

Pivotal Review / Key Strengths

  • Unmatched CRM Flexibility - Use CRM software to create the customer experience you desire—without compromise.
  • SecureWorks - How To Sustain Growth in a Tough Economic Climate—Focus on Customers.
  • CRM Software for Your Complex Processes - New Orleans Firm Finds Growth Following Hurricane Katrina Using Pivotal CRM.

Pivotal Features

  • Sales Force Automation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Service Automation
  • CRM Partner Management
  • CRM Analytics
  • Mobile CRM Solutions

About CDC Software

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What does it mean to be "The Customer-Driven Company?"

For CDC Software, the answer is two-fold. A customer-driven company is one that demonstrates a superior ability to understand, attract, and keep valuable customers. This ability is founded on good customer knowledge and good customer service—listening closely to customer needs and responding with solutions that meet these needs more successfully than any other company.

Being customer-driven also means having the business agility to change and evolve along with your customers, responding to shifting needs, market change, and new opportunities as they arise. To meet this challenge, a company needs to have the adaptable business culture and flexible technical infrastructure to respond to change.

As a company, CDC Software strives to fit this description in all of our activities, from our first contact with a potential customer through the full extent of our relationship—a relationship we do everything to ensure will be strong and enduring and provide value to our customers. We also seek through our services and solutions to help our own customers become customer-driven market leaders.

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