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C2CRM Overview

C2CRM Overview
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Managing customer data has never been easier. With Relationship Management, valuable customer information is in a central, secure repository for quick accessing and sharing by all customer-facing and support personnel, providing a unified customer experience.

The Relationship Tracking is the heart of C2 CRM, providing users with information about companies and the people within these companies. All field names can be easily modified to the unique information requirements of the organization.

Activity Management provides users the ability to record workflow and view archived sales activities from customer communication to service related issues. Users have the ability to enter personal tasks as well as assign tasks to others.

The Security/Team Management provides a hierarchical security structure that is user-definable at every level of the application suite. Users can create multiple security profiles containing different managerial, technical, and sales resources, and specify degrees of document access -- from reader to full editor.

The Mail and Calendar component provides unique two-way integration between Relationship Tracking, Activity Management and a user’s mail file to provide a common user interface and navigation tools in either Notes or MS Outlook.

The C2 Portal is your passage to C2 and beyond. With your personalized desktop view… easily link to your calendar and e-mail; organize your favorite views; and add personal photos. The C2 Customer Loyalty Portal is also your window to sharing information with supply chain partners and customers - customize their access based on who they are and what their relationship is with your organization.

The Sales Management solution includes all areas under Relationships, plus offers the capabilities required for seamless, efficient Sales Force Automation.

The Opportunities & Forecasting system allows a company to track revenue, margins, close probability and date, marketing events, and lead source. Furthermore, users can easily create high-quality pipeline and forecast reports in a matter of seconds.

The Quotes & Proposals module enables your sales team to generate complex quotes on the fly and link them to specific opportunities. Whether you need to generate a new quote, copy from an existing quote, or import values from any configurator that provides text-based output.

Contract Management allows for the creation and retrieval of contracts supporting a company’s product and services operation.

Products & Services is essentially a catalog of a company’s offerings. This module feeds into the Quotes & Proposals system and handles all pricing, margin management, and maintenance costs. The Products and Services module is the area where a company would integrate with their existing ERP application, creating a comprehensive front-office, back-office application.

The Customer Service function is a comprehensive group of modules designed to track post sales activities, specifically, help desk support, time and material billing, and field service activity.

With Customer Support, incoming requests and complaints are registered with detailed information including: company and contact information, time entered, amount of time before escalated to a higher support level, escalation hierarchy, and time that incident is closed or resolved.

C2 Field Service seamlessly integrates with the other Customer Service solution modules and provides any company that performs consulting or services work with a highly functional system to track the charging of time or incidents, as well as associated travel and incidental expenses, against contracts and customer invoices.

Project Management is an integrated C2 offering that presents project information including associated contract, activities, team members, services billing, percent completion, and other details that present a total picture of the activity associated with a project. This module provides an excellent tool for users to keep control of time, expense, and the overall management of projects.

Marketing Management provides automated, collaborative marketing communications via the customer’s preferred method of contact. You can personalize the promotion of your products and services based on a customer’s individual needs. Additionally, measure campaign results from 'lead' status to 'opportunity'.

Marketing & Communications is a rich broadcast messaging system designed to allow users to create communications for a select audience group and to broadcast to them via email, fax, or printed material. The message can be personalized, saved as an HTML document or include pdf attachments. With this capability, thousands of contacts can be “touched” and the action logged into the Relationship Tracking database for future referral.

C2 users can store company-wide documents including HTML, multimedia or graphics files in the Documents & Images module for all employees to view.

The Lead Management module is a repository for campaign leads and prospect lists to be mined and managed. Create targeted call lists and promotions to generate new opportunities for your organization.

Analytics & Knowledge Management was designed for companies wanting to increase the value of their customer relationships. By uncovering the best or most profitable customers, determining what those customers really want and how best to serve them, C2 can help determine the actual costs associated with servicing a particular customer - without having to wait for reports or IT assistance.

The Knowledge Management module is made up of optional tools that enhance any of the C2 solutions by providing connections to back-end data for reporting functions with products such as Cuber or Crystal Reports by Seagate Technologies.

With CRM Analytics, you can analyze and manage your sales opportunities while they're in the pipeline. And once your opportunities turn into customers, you can analyze, score and make more informed customer-related decisions based on their propensity to buy, revenue growth, order fill rates and more.

Enterprise Resource Analytics (ERA) is an analytic module that captures business intelligence from the back office or an ERP system. ERA utilizes business intelligence to provide configurable business processes that allow you to quickly and easily analyze data and change the way they function.

Performance Management provides the information needed for management to facilitate actions to deliver on strategy. It creates a shared understanding of goals, critical success factors, and key performance indicators that can be used to drive cultural business changes.

Workflow Management automates the tracking and distribution of a variety of documents, such as tasks, activities, opportunities and trouble tickets. Based on your needs, audit any field on any document in C2 and apply it to your specific business processes.

With Web Touch, transparently and automatically track visitors navigating your web site. Receive instant notification of the pages they view and the length of time they spend there. What’s more, the details of their adventure are automatically logged as an activity in C2's Lead Management database.

Open Data Store (ODS) is a repository of all C2 documents and data across all modules. Within the ODS, data can be mined by administrators to deliver customized reports, using third party reporting tools, and to provide analytics. ODS may be stored in either a Domino database or relational database.

ERP Connector Cartridges provide the ability to integrate C2 data with popular ERP packages.

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