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VanillaSoft Review

VanillaSoft Review
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Ownership: Private
Founded: Not Published
Headquarters: Plano, TX
Software Type: Hosted

VanillaSoft Review / Key Strengths

  • Improved sales Results
  • Visibility & Control of campaign
  • More sales calls in less time
  • Better sales calls
  • Validate performance via recording
  • Do Not Call Compliance
  • Detailed tracking and reporting
  • Ease of administration
  • Cost effective Web enabled service

VanillaSoft CRM Features

  • No software installation, fully web-based, runs inside your browser. We can get you up and running in one business day
  • Auto dials on ANY analog, digital and Voice-over-IP (VoIP) telephone system, including auto-dialing over home-based analog telephone, all major office telephone systems, Voice-over-IP systems, i.e. Vonage, Skype, and Asterisk, the open source PBX
    This feature alone adds at least 50% in productivity, without the need for predictive dialing or pre-recorded messages!
  • MP3 voice recording of every sales call, wherever the caller is located. The admin can review recordings sorted by user, call disposition, from any location
  • Lead tracking from ‘birth to death’ of the lead, by lead status and call dispositioning
  • Real-time business intelligence on calling activity and lead conversion process, i.e. leads contacted, conversion rate per user, per lead source, per campaign, etc.
  • Customizable logical branch call scripting that assist users in complex sales conversations and market research, that result in the best presentation every time
  • Lead routing is fully customizable by the admin. You decide what the “next best lead” to follow-up is, this includes setting call priority by lead segment (i.e. income, region, etc.), warm lead quota per user, state licenses, maximum number of dialing attempts, and many more routing features
  • Any team-based sales process is supported, i.e. lead generators that hand over appointments to closers, teams that are grouped according to sales areas, etc.
  • 100% Do-Not-Call list protection, every DNC number is screened and blocked in real-time, no list scrubbing necessary
  • Leads are never lost, because they are kept in a general lead pool, until a lead has been “resolved” (positive or negative conversion)
  • Instant web lead distribution from your own site or a lead provider to the first available user in seconds instead of withering away in a mail box (Leads can also be mass uploaded by .CSV file)
  • Automatic compliance with calling periods across time zones as defined by you, by the local time and state of the prospect
  • Other features: customizable reporting, API integration with 3rd-party software, pre-populated e-mails merged with prospect data,  lead status e-mail notification, and much more

About VanillaSoft CRM Software

VanillaSoft is dedicated to bringing you the most effective and simple software that helps you manage your inside sales team and tracks your leads from birth to close. Our motto The Power of Simplicity says it all. Software does not have to be complex, difficult and expensive to effectively drive sales.