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VanillaSoft Customers

VanillaSoft Customers
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Simpro, Inc.

“VanillaSoft has become a big part of our success”.
- Simpro, Inc.

VanillaSoft gave our sales effort the boost we needed. We had tried other sales and telemarketing software only to be disappointed. Most of the software on the market was more for contact management and not for driving a true telephone sales effort. With VanillaSoft, we became efficient and effective in both volume of calls made and in results.

What we liked was the back-end intelligence that selected the “next best call” to be made. With other programs, the calling agent controls who gets called and when. With VanillaSoft, management and logic blocks determine the calling cycle, process and who gets called. This makes agents much more productive because the calls are routed to them rather than them shuffling through records wasting valuable time trying to find the next record they want to call. VanillaSoft has become a big part of our success.

Greg Sarpy
President, Simpro Inc.


Institute of School and Parish Development (ISPD)

“We were amazed at the speed at which VanillaSoft moved”

The Institute of School and Parish Development (ISPD) is a national development consulting firm created to serve Catholic schools, parishes and dioceses in the areas of planning, marketing, and resource development. We intend to be the best in the business of creating development, planning and communication processes and concepts that can help Catholic schools, parishes and dioceses grow and prosper.

We recently made a big change in our business moving from a Mac environment to a Windows based environment. Our company has grown considerably over the last several years and our sales and marketing effort has become the central focus of our continued growth. When it came time to select a vendor to build the processes necessary to manage a large database and tie it in to our existing sales effort and future growth, we choose VanillaSoft.

We were amazed not only at their commitment to “get it right”, we were equally amazed at the speed at which they moved. They had a very clear understanding of how to covert this mass data pile we had assembled over many years into a robust sales database that we have complete control over. More importantly, they made it simple. The interface they build makes it a snap to retrieve data and build queries. Our next step is to add the VanillaSoft module which will pull data right from our system and be a great enabler to increase our sales.

Frank Donaldson
Executive Director, ISPD


Parker, Murray & Associates

Incredible human resource applications”
- Parker, Murray & Associates

VanillaSoft  has impacted Parker, Murray & Assoc. in three important ways, since we implemented the software five years ago, which has led to a significant maturation of this twenty-year old firm. Very simply, we more effectively manage our data, our people, and we react more swiftly to market changes.

The database management features means we keep our data updated, touch our prospects and customers on a regular basis, and the reports feature gives us timely snapshots of the market. All of which has led to an increase in over-all productivity.

In addition to touching productivity directly, VanillaSoft has incredible human resource applications! I know what all of my sales agent are doing at all times, how they are interacting with prospects and customers, and, most importantly, I know quickly who needs additional coaching and developing to be successful. Before this software we looked at final sales numbers weekly and monthly to determine who was selling and who was not. The software drives the sale, tracks the actions of the agent, and provides multiple reports for tracking success on a daily basis.

Marsha Ferguson
V.P. of Operations
Parker, Murray & Associates