CRM Case Study: Evangelical Christian Succeeds with Siemens

Company: Evangelical Christian Credit Union
Industry: Finance
Solution: Siemens
Functionality: Call center Management
Cost: Free. No registration
Challenge: To improve overall communication

::: ECCU Succeeds with Siemens :::

Evangelical Christian Credit Union (ECCU) is a member-owned financial cooperative serving evangelical organizations and individuals worldwide. Headquartered in Brea, Calif., with a regional office in Colorado Springs, Colo., ECCU has total assets under management of more than $2.3 billion.

After thoroughly evaluating systems from leading vendors, ECCU selected the Siemens HiPath 4000, an IP convergence platform built over a distributed architecture. ECCU also deployed Siemens HiPath Xpressions, a unified messaging application that combines voice, fax, and e-mail messages on a Windows server; and Siemens HiPath ProCenter Advanced, a portfolio of solutions for the contact center that includes capabilities such as skills-based routing, detailed reporting, and the integration of voice, e-mail, fax, IP communication and Web contacts.

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CRM Case Study: STA Travel Succeeds with Queuebuster

Company: STA Travels
Industry: Travel
Solution: Queuebuster
Functionality: Call center Management
Cost: Free. No registration
Challenge: To manage calls during peak hours at a call center

::: STA Travel Succeeds with Queuebuster :::

STA Travel has been offering travel deals for more than 25 years. The company has more than 400 offices worldwide.

There can be few things more annoying in this modern world than being left on hold for what seems like an eternity waiting to speak to someone on the phone. For customers, being trapped in call centre hell can be frustrating and a waste of time. For companies, keeping your customers waiting can be damaging leading to poor customer service and lost sales.

STA began trialling the call management system in January 2007 to help it manage one of its busiest times of the year when call volumes can rise by around 65%. Since then its been a resounding success. Around 5% of calls end up being successfully handled by the Queue Buster system. And since two thirds of all calls STA Travel receives are sales related, the travel company is able to retain a sizeable chunk of business that might otherwise be lost simply because someone got fed-up waiting to speak to a sales agent.

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CRM Case Study: CL&D Succeeds with Entellium eSalesforce

Company: CL&D Digital
Industry: Printing
Solution: Entellium eSalesforce
Functionality: Database management
Cost: Free. No registration
Challenge: To keep fast moving projects on track

::: CL&D Succeeds with Entellium eSalesforce :::

CL&D Digital is a Wisconsin-based company that offers printing solutions to companies that are looking for full production run quality for their package and label sales samples, prototypes, and comps.

The company deployed multiple ACT databases that operated as isolated silos of information. Sharing of information between customer care, field staff, and the back-end was difficult. Sales management was rendered cumbersome because of manual reporting of project pipeline.

The company chose Entellium eSalesforce customized to its requirements and ever since then it has managed to centralize control of its operations and the sales management has complete visibility into performance and pipeline.

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CRM Case Study: More visibility for Living Magazine

Company:Chansen Publishing
Industry: Publishing
Solution: Entellium eSalesforce
Functionality: SFA
Cost: Free. No registration
Challenge: To create a centralized database

::: Living Magazine Succeeds with Entellium eSalesforce :::

Living Magazine, a respectable publication distributed via 23 editions in the state of Texas, was constrained by its reporting system. The company relied on word documents to gain insight into its marketing efforts. Lead management was time consuming and marketing executives, most of whom operated out of their home offices, did not have access to customer data.

Entellium eSalesforce offered the company a centralized database for accessing customer information. As a result, tracking and reporting by the sales management is now faster and sales reps are better informed on prospective customers.

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CRM Case Study: M-Viron Succeeds with Telecom Applications

Company: M-Viron
Industry: Telecom
Solution: Telecom Applications
Functionality: Call center
Cost: Free. No registration

Challenge: An inexpensive predictive dialing solution

::: M-Viron Succeeds with Telecom Applications :::

M-Viron is the leading network of local Orange mobile specialists with 17 outlets across the UK.

M-Viron required a solution that enabled outbound calls, mainly to mobile phones, such that the software to be used would be able to identify engaged tones and phones which are set to voicemail mode. This would enable only live calls to be transfered to the company advisors.

The adoption of the Telecom Applications solution with the TouchStar Dialler has enabled the company to not only achieve this capability but also generate inbound calls by leaving messages on customers’ voicemail.

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CRM Case Study: Swedish Road Administration Succeeds with SAP

Company: Swedish Road Administration
Industry: Government
Solution: SAP
Functionality: CRM
Cost: Free. No registration.
Challenge: To facilitate communication between road admin departments

::: Swedish Road Administration Succeeds with SAP :::

“The SAP applications and IBM design, project management, consultancy, software and hardware services have combined to provide Stockholm with a congestion charging system which offers genuine, noticeable benefits to the city and its inhabitants. This is a solution that could help to improve accessibility in the transport system, and might even help to finance the system’s necessary expansion in the future.” – Birger Höök, Project Executive, Swedish Road Administration

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CRM Case Study: Telekomunikacja Polska Succeeds with Oracle PeopleSoft

Company: Telekomunikacja Polska
Industry: Telecom
Solution: Oracle PeopleSoft
Functionality: Sales force automation
Cost: Free. No registration.
Challenge: To offer value-added customer service

::: Telekomunikacja Polska Succeeds with Oracle PeopleSoft :::

Telekomunikacja is a state-owned telecom provider in Poland. The company wished to acquire more customer focus to be able to compete in an increasingly competitive market.

The company wished for a solution that would be cost-efficient and reliable. It implemented a Web-based Oracle PeopleSoft CRM solution that integrates legacy billing and network systems. The benefits included increased customer responsiveness and higher employee productivity. 7000 company employees were able to make use of the system inside four months.

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CRM Case Study: BBVA Succeeds with SAP CRM

Company: BBVA
Industry: Finance
Solution: SAP CRM
Functionality: Sales force automation
Cost: Free. No registration
Challenge: To improve efficiency of the sales force and cut paperwork

::: BBVA Succeeds with SAP CRM :::

BBVA was finding it increasingly difficult to maintain a close and responsive business relationship with its thousands of customers in the absence of a CRM system. The sales team was spending more time doing admin work instead of interacting with its clients.

The bank asked IBM Global Business Services to do a proof-of-concept to rate the SAP CRM application against a Siebel solution. The company chose SAP CRM and benefits include reduced paper-work and manual admin. All information can now be accessed through a single point.

“IBM Global Business Services has delivered a solution that meets all of our objectives, improving the efficiency of our sales processes and increasing flexibility for our staff. The choice of SAP software has been great for our business, and we hope to start using it in other functional areas in the near future.” – David Alejandre, Project Manager, BBVA Consumer Finance.

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CRM Case Study: Royal Bank succeeds with Teradata

Company: Royal Bank Canada
Industry: Banking
Solution: Teradata
Functionality: Customer Service
Cost: Free
Challenge: To improve customer experience

::: Teradata provides the Analytics backbone to the Royal Bank :::

Royal Bank was founded in Nova Scotia and it has been around since 1864. In pursuing a customer relationship management (CRM) business strategy, the stated objective of the bank is “to capture the full potential of our customer base through the use of customer information to deliver the right solutions in a consistent, professional manner at every point of contact.”

The bank has a history of being enthusiastic about CRM and was one of the early adapters of CRM technologies amongst FSIs. The bank has been customer-driven since the beginning and its commitment to providing a satisfying experience to the customer is embodied in the huge amount of customer data in its Teradata data warehouse.

Information gathered from the data has helped the bank tackle sales, service, and training related issues.

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CRM Case Study: Survis Succeeds with Entellium

Company: Survis
Industry: Human Resource
Solution: Entellium eSalesforce
Functionality: Sales Reporting
Cost: Free
Challenge: Offer visibility into the sales cycle

::: Survis increases sales with Entellium eSalesforce :::

The Survis group offers proprietary staff recruitment and custom training programs that enable their clients to get the maximum out of their investment in their employees. The company, however, faced problems in maximizing its own revenue. This was partly due to the software package that it was using to run its operations, the Bullhorn package was too staffing and recruitment specific. Its lack of sales reporting reduced visibility into the sales cycle.

The company benefited from deploying Entellium eSalesforce – it reported a 60% increase in sales from the existing customer base, easy reporting meant that the number of verbal presentations went down, and the learning curve for new employees was less steep.

“After customizing Entellium there’s a greater sense of team, everyone on the sales side feels like
it’s a team effort. It’s not that they have team goals, it’s that they know everyone is being held accountable to the same standards.” Said David Cochran, VP Survis Group.

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