CRM Case Study: CL&D Succeeds with Entellium eSalesforce

Company: CL&D Digital
Industry: Printing
Solution: Entellium eSalesforce
Functionality: Database management
Cost: Free. No registration
Challenge: To keep fast moving projects on track

::: CL&D Succeeds with Entellium eSalesforce :::

CL&D Digital is a Wisconsin-based company that offers printing solutions to companies that are looking for full production run quality for their package and label sales samples, prototypes, and comps.

The company deployed multiple ACT databases that operated as isolated silos of information. Sharing of information between customer care, field staff, and the back-end was difficult. Sales management was rendered cumbersome because of manual reporting of project pipeline.

The company chose Entellium eSalesforce customized to its requirements and ever since then it has managed to centralize control of its operations and the sales management has complete visibility into performance and pipeline.

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