CRM Case Study: M-Viron Succeeds with Telecom Applications

Company: M-Viron Industry: Telecom Solution: Telecom Applications Functionality: Call center Cost: Free. No registration Challenge: An inexpensive predictive dialing solution ::: M-Viron Succeeds with Telecom Applications ::: M-Viron is the leading network of local Orange mobile specialists with 17 outlets across the UK. M-Viron required a solution that enabled outbound calls, mainly to mobile phones, [...]

CRM Case Study: Survis Succeeds with Entellium

Company: Survis Industry: Human Resource Solution: Entellium eSalesforce Functionality: Sales Reporting Cost: Free Challenge: Offer visibility into the sales cycle ::: Survis increases sales with Entellium eSalesforce ::: The Survis group offers proprietary staff recruitment and custom training programs that enable their clients to get the maximum out of their investment in their employees. The [...]

CRM Case Study: Stand to Reason Succeeds with Entellium

Company: Stand to Reason Industry: Christian Training Solution: Entellium Functionality: Data Management Cost: Free Challenge: Implementation of a smooth information retrieval and information sharing system ::: Entellium eSalesforce helps Stand to Reason function better ::: Stand to reason is an NPO found in 1993 and it aims to help Christians think more clearly about their [...]

CRM Case Study: GamePlan Succeeds with Tigerpaw

Company: GamePlan Industry: Software Solution: Tigerpaw Functionality: Supply Chain Management Cost: Free Challenge: A CRM solution that forms a bridge between the front-end and the back-end where processes are still manual. ::: GamePlan stamps out workflow inefficiencies with Tigerpaw ::: GamePlan acquired control over end-to-end processes through Tigerpaw CRM+. It now has better integration of [...]

CRM Case Study: MiroMetrica Succeeds with MyFax

Company: MiroMetrica Industry: CRM Consultancy Solution: MyFax Functionality: Customer Service Cost: Free. No registration. The challenge: An alternative to the fax machine ::: MiroMetrica reaches out with MyFax ::: MiroMetrica assists its clients in communicating with their customers and using customer feedback for improving processes in the value chain. The most popular method for reaching [...]

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