CRM Case Study: M-Viron Succeeds with Telecom Applications

Company: M-Viron
Industry: Telecom
Solution: Telecom Applications
Functionality: Call center
Cost: Free. No registration

Challenge: An inexpensive predictive dialing solution

::: M-Viron Succeeds with Telecom Applications :::

M-Viron is the leading network of local Orange mobile specialists with 17 outlets across the UK.

M-Viron required a solution that enabled outbound calls, mainly to mobile phones, such that the software to be used would be able to identify engaged tones and phones which are set to voicemail mode. This would enable only live calls to be transfered to the company advisors.

The adoption of the Telecom Applications solution with the TouchStar Dialler has enabled the company to not only achieve this capability but also generate inbound calls by leaving messages on customers’ voicemail.

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