CRM Case Study: Survis Succeeds with Entellium

Company: Survis
Industry: Human Resource
Solution: Entellium eSalesforce
Functionality: Sales Reporting
Cost: Free
Challenge: Offer visibility into the sales cycle

::: Survis increases sales with Entellium eSalesforce :::

The Survis group offers proprietary staff recruitment and custom training programs that enable their clients to get the maximum out of their investment in their employees. The company, however, faced problems in maximizing its own revenue. This was partly due to the software package that it was using to run its operations, the Bullhorn package was too staffing and recruitment specific. Its lack of sales reporting reduced visibility into the sales cycle.

The company benefited from deploying Entellium eSalesforce – it reported a 60% increase in sales from the existing customer base, easy reporting meant that the number of verbal presentations went down, and the learning curve for new employees was less steep.

“After customizing Entellium there’s a greater sense of team, everyone on the sales side feels like
it’s a team effort. It’s not that they have team goals, it’s that they know everyone is being held accountable to the same standards.” Said David Cochran, VP Survis Group.

Learn more about Survis’s Success with Entellium >>>

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