CRM Case Study: Royal Bank succeeds with Teradata

Company: Royal Bank Canada
Industry: Banking
Solution: Teradata
Functionality: Customer Service
Cost: Free
Challenge: To improve customer experience

::: Teradata provides the Analytics backbone to the Royal Bank :::

Royal Bank was founded in Nova Scotia and it has been around since 1864. In pursuing a customer relationship management (CRM) business strategy, the stated objective of the bank is “to capture the full potential of our customer base through the use of customer information to deliver the right solutions in a consistent, professional manner at every point of contact.”

The bank has a history of being enthusiastic about CRM and was one of the early adapters of CRM technologies amongst FSIs. The bank has been customer-driven since the beginning and its commitment to providing a satisfying experience to the customer is embodied in the huge amount of customer data in its Teradata data warehouse.

Information gathered from the data has helped the bank tackle sales, service, and training related issues.

Learn more about Royal Bank’s Success with Teradata >>>

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