CRM Case Study: STA Travel Succeeds with Queuebuster

Company: STA Travels
Industry: Travel
Solution: Queuebuster
Functionality: Call center Management
Cost: Free. No registration
Challenge: To manage calls during peak hours at a call center

::: STA Travel Succeeds with Queuebuster :::

STA Travel has been offering travel deals for more than 25 years. The company has more than 400 offices worldwide.

There can be few things more annoying in this modern world than being left on hold for what seems like an eternity waiting to speak to someone on the phone. For customers, being trapped in call centre hell can be frustrating and a waste of time. For companies, keeping your customers waiting can be damaging leading to poor customer service and lost sales.

STA began trialling the call management system in January 2007 to help it manage one of its busiest times of the year when call volumes can rise by around 65%. Since then its been a resounding success. Around 5% of calls end up being successfully handled by the Queue Buster system. And since two thirds of all calls STA Travel receives are sales related, the travel company is able to retain a sizeable chunk of business that might otherwise be lost simply because someone got fed-up waiting to speak to a sales agent.

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