CRM Case Study: Telekomunikacja Polska Succeeds with Oracle PeopleSoft

Company: Telekomunikacja Polska
Industry: Telecom
Solution: Oracle PeopleSoft
Functionality: Sales force automation
Cost: Free. No registration.
Challenge: To offer value-added customer service

::: Telekomunikacja Polska Succeeds with Oracle PeopleSoft :::

Telekomunikacja is a state-owned telecom provider in Poland. The company wished to acquire more customer focus to be able to compete in an increasingly competitive market.

The company wished for a solution that would be cost-efficient and reliable. It implemented a Web-based Oracle PeopleSoft CRM solution that integrates legacy billing and network systems. The benefits included increased customer responsiveness and higher employee productivity. 7000 company employees were able to make use of the system inside four months.

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