CRM Case Study: Stand to Reason Succeeds with Entellium

Company: Stand to Reason
Industry: Christian Training
Solution: Entellium
Functionality: Data Management
Cost: Free
Challenge: Implementation of a smooth information retrieval and information sharing system

::: Entellium eSalesforce helps Stand to Reason function better :::

Stand to reason is an NPO found in 1993 and it aims to help Christians think more clearly about their faith. As the organization grew older, it was faced with the problem of information tracking as all its documentation was paper-based. This made it difficult to track speakers, venues, and feedback. The company was keen to deploy a system that would help it to manage an increasing number of speakers and engagements. Entellium eSalesforce was seen as a probable solution.

The result of deploying Entellium has been that the company can now track information about venues and a web-based system allows speakers to obtain information on the schedule and details of engagements. This is particularly useful as the speakers do not operate out of a single common office.

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CRM Case Study: ELK Succeeds with Entellium

Company: ELK Promotions
Industry: Promotions management
Solution: Entellium
Functionality: Customer service
Cost: Free
Challenge: Implementation of a smooth information retrieval and information sharing system

ELK Promotions is in the business of providing innovative promotional products, business gifts, awards, premiums and incentives. The company has a global customer base and running a complex operation resulted in the company having to manage and track a lot of information that included customer information, quotes, projects and artwork. As business grew, the paperwork and MS Outlook became increasingly difficult to manage.

The company decided to implement a CRM solution and after a selection process, it settled on Entellium eSalesforce. The result was that customer information was made available to all employees online; order management became easier because of the fact that project quotes and artwork are linked to the customer files. Repeat order generation increased.

“Entellium gives us visibility into repeat customer information,” says Scott Wieclaw, VP, ELK.

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CRM Case Study: Vodafone Succeeds with IEX Corporation

Company: Vodafone
Industry: Telecommunication
Solution: IEX Corporation
Functionality: Workforce Management
Cost: Free
Challenge: The aim was to boost scheduling efficiencies, increase adherence and gain much needed visibility into operations

::: Vodafone dials IEX for help with workforce management :::

Vodafone chose IEX Corporation, a subsidiary of NICE Systems Ltd, for help with their workforce management. The objective was to better the company’s scheduling efficiencies and obtain visibility into operations so that the company had the necessary information to take the right decision at the right time.

“Having no visibility into our outsource partners left us extremely vulnerable and unable to see any potential hotspots. Now we have a 2-week intraday view across all business units, allowing us to slide shifts or assign overtime well in advance of a problem.” says Andrew Hyde, planning manager Vodafone.

Vodafone was keen to improve adherence and it achieved its objective implementing the TotalView Real-Time Adherence (RTA) module, which led to an increase in adherence from 65% to 85% inside 3 months even though the company moved from fixed to flexible shift patterns.

CRM Case Study: Saffron succeeds with MessagePad

Company: Saffron Building Society
Industry: Banking
Solution: MessagePad
Functionality: Customer Service
Cost: Free
Challenge: A call center technology for covering burgeoning customer calls

::: One-stop customer service from MessagePad for Saffron :::

Saffron Building Society (Saffron) offers financial solutions and has 12 branches in England. The company was considering outsourcing a part of its customer care department so that it could better manage peak-time traffic. With this in mind, it approached MessagePad which is an established provider of contact management solutions to the financial services sector. Saffron decided to go with MessagePad’s call centre technology – intelligentContactâ„¢ – which is not only cost-effective but also very capable in managing front office and back office communication.

Andy Golding, CEO of Saffron comments “Message Pad technology has been an important component in our drive to create best-in-class customer service and we have been delighted by the commitment and responsiveness of their team”.

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CRM Case Study: GamePlan Succeeds with Tigerpaw

Company: GamePlan
Industry: Software
Solution: Tigerpaw
Functionality: Supply Chain Management
Cost: Free
Challenge: A CRM solution that forms a bridge between the front-end and the back-end where processes are still manual.

::: GamePlan stamps out workflow inefficiencies with Tigerpaw :::

GamePlan acquired control over end-to-end processes through Tigerpaw CRM+. It now has better integration of company functions like sales forecasting and service workflow management. The switch from to Tigerpaw CRM and effective inventory management has helped GamePlan save $43,748 over three years. Improvements in workflow, customer service, inventory and accounting management have led to a streamlined system with higher efficiency and fewer mistakes in communicating with the sales team, notifying customers, processing a customer request, tracking inventory, etc.

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CRM Case Study: OutClick Succeeds with Entellium

Company: OutClick Media
Industry: Digital Media
Solution: Entellium
Functionality: Analytics
Cost: Free.
Challenge: To deploy a web-enabled CRM that could be accessed from anywhere and connect disparate databases to facilitate information sharing

::: OutClick outpaces competition with help from Entellium :::

OutClick Media is into digital marketing for medical industries and for quite some time was managing its customer data and related marketing efforts with the help of ACT. Different versions of ACT existed in the company that led to a lack of co-ordination between departments. OutClick chose Entellium based on its cost and features. Since switching over to Entellium, the company has enjoyed better tracking of prospects, an improved understanding of leads in the pipeline, and a healthy increase in revenue. A great plus that OutClick points out with respect to Entellium was the easy deployment and smooth training sessions that consumed very little time.

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CRM Case Study: Seminole Succeeds with Entellium

Company: Seminole
Industry: Mortgage lending
Solution: Entellium
Functionality: Sales Force Automation
Cost: Free
Challenge: Existing CRM system inadequate to tackle increasing business volume

::: Entellium gets Seminole customers for life :::

Florida-based Seminole Funding, which is in the business of mortgage lending, was faced with an increase in business and a CRM system that could not cope with the amount of data being generated and consequently the quality and quantity of leads was not up to the mark. Seminole chose Entellium over its server-based CRM. The move paid dividends in terms of improved data reporting, increased access for everyone to the data, and targeting leads in a more focused manner. Increased visibility into the pipeline now enables the company to forecast better.

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CRM Case Study: Logitech Succeeds with Click Commerce

Company: Logitech
Industry: Computer peripherals
Solution: Click Commerce
Functionality: Supply Chain Management
Cost: Free. No registration.
Challenge: Get more partners and increase sales

::: Logitech Succeeds with Click Commerce :::

Logitech is an established name in the manufacture of personal interface products such as mice and keyboards. Logitech wanted to implement a web-based system that would help them connect with e-tailers, system builders, resellers, and mass merchants.

With Click Commerce, Logitech was able to fulfill its requirements regarding instituting special pricing for individual deals, marketing funds tracking, forecasting tools, lead management and other functionalities. Logitech wanted to improve the quality and consistency of its communications with its partners and it has been able to do so with help from Click Commerce.

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CRM Case Study: Travelsphere Succeeds with Respond

Company: Travelsphere
Industry: Travel
Solution: Respond
Functionality: Customer Service
Cost: Free. No registration.
Challenge: Management of customer feedback

::: Travelsphere Succeeds with Respond :::

“As a company we record absolutely everything that anyone tells us – good or bad,” says Michael Wallis, Travelsphere’s customer relations manager. “We get a lot of positive feedback: around 3,500 letters a year praising our holidays. In total, if you include all letters of praise, complaints, pre-holiday and miscellaneous queries, we get about 11,000 letters and emails a year. The main drivers for investing in the Respond system were frustration with the volume of correspondence and a need to reduce the administration involved. We have integrated Respond with our reservation system to reduce the need for re-keying customer information and to ensure complete visibility of data for all customer handling staff.”

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CRM Case Study: Health Advocate uses Cincom to deliver personalized advocacy service

Company: Health Advocate
Industry: Health
Solution: Cincom
Functionality: CRM implementation
Cost: Free. No registration.
Challenge: To deliver personalized advocacy service

::: Health Advocate Succeeds with Cincom :::

Health Advocate is a national healthcare advocacy that helps its members deal with clinical, insurance, and administrative issues across healthcare areas that include medical, hospital, and pharmacy. HA offers its services to more than 6 million Americans through their employers, unions, and health plans. 

HA selected the Cincom Synchrony suite because of features such as automatic screen pop ups with customer history and minimum investment in IT resources. Hosted Synchrony has enabled HA to operate 24X7, improve case management capabilities, respond in a consistent manner across diverse communication channels, and manage its continuous growth.  

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