CRM Case Study: Health Advocate uses Cincom to deliver personalized advocacy service

Company: Health Advocate
Industry: Health
Solution: Cincom
Functionality: CRM implementation
Cost: Free. No registration.
Challenge: To deliver personalized advocacy service

::: Health Advocate Succeeds with Cincom :::

Health Advocate is a national healthcare advocacy that helps its members deal with clinical, insurance, and administrative issues across healthcare areas that include medical, hospital, and pharmacy. HA offers its services to more than 6 million Americans through their employers, unions, and health plans. 

HA selected the Cincom Synchrony suite because of features such as automatic screen pop ups with customer history and minimum investment in IT resources. Hosted Synchrony has enabled HA to operate 24X7, improve case management capabilities, respond in a consistent manner across diverse communication channels, and manage its continuous growth.  

Learn more about Health Advocate’s  success with Cincom >>>

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