CRM Case Study: Inortech reaps benefits with ACCPAC CRM

Company: Inortech
Industry: Manufacturing
Solution: ACCPAC
Functionality: Customer relationship management
Cost: Free. No registration.
Challenge: Better tracking and control of sales processes

::: Inortech reaps benefits with ACCPAC CRM :::

Inortech Chimie Inc. distributes raw materials used for the coating, paint, and ink industries. The company, with a staff of 12 people serviced 100 clients. Inortech wanted a CRM solution that would allow them to better access customer credit information and other customer and product-related data.

The company chose ACCPAC CRM which offers an integrated sales, marketing, and customer support solution that can be accessed anytime and anywhere through a web-connected device. Benefits that Inortech has enjoyed since deploying ACCPAC include an order processing time of 10 minutes whereas earlier one hour was required to do the same.

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