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Customer Support Automation™'s Customer Support Automation Suite is fully integrated with its marketing, sales, and order management solutions, providing a complete view into every aspect of the customer. By harnessing the power of shared information and advanced analytics, customer support professionals can ensure effective response times and with the flexibility to modify service workflow.™'s Customer Support Automation features the following tools to make your customer support team more effective and more able to deliver a solid return on time spent.


Case Management™'s case management allows you to centrally track the status of customer cases generated from across all channels and capture all relevant case data such as type and reason. All cases are automatically assigned a serial number and date/time stamped to ensure no issue falls through the cracks.

The tools maintain a complete case history with instant access to all previous issues and customer interactions, so customers don't have to explain past events each time they contact you.

The case management tools also allow you to build standard case resolution templates to help your customer service team communicate solutions to customers — improving rep productivity and increasing the consistency and quality of customer communication.

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Online Case Capture™'s online case capture allows customers to submit their comments and customer support questions online 24-7. insidesales™ enables you to easily set up forms on your company Web site and have online inquiries directly populated into insidesales™ for maximum efficiency.

STA Standard enables easy set up your own branded Web forms. STA Standard auto-generates the HTML for you based on the exact information you want your customers to complete online.

When your customers submit comments or questions online, a case is automatically generated in™ in real time, assigned a case number, and date/time stamped for tracking purposes.

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Resolution Management™'s resolution management gives customer service professionals access to all past successfully resolved customer cases through robust search and match tools.

Through dynamically defined resolution categories and search criteria, solving customer problems becomes and ease. The search tools allow searching by keywords within knowledge base titles, contact or specified keyword matches.

Once a list of knowledge base article matches is generated, customer service professionals can choose specific resolution from the following items: article ids, titles, created dates, modified dates, and descriptions of similar past problems.

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Knowledgebase Management

With™, you can build and manage a central repository of knowledgesbase solutions to retain and share the knowledge of product experts, standardize solutions handling, and speed case resolution.

Within STA Standard, you can build a repository of solutions to common and past customer issues to aid your customer service professionals in resolving future cases with speed and accuracy. Publish certain solutions from your knowledge base in a self-service portal for certain customers or to a public self-service knowledge base on your corporate Web site.

STA Standard provides an embedded, multilevel solution review process to help you ensure the quality of information in your ever-growing knowledge base.

To fit the approval requirements of your organization, you can set up an automated solution review process or even multiple processes, if different service groups or different types of solutions require distinct approval stages.

Powerful search capabilities allow reps to quickly and efficiently locate the right solutions for your customers during support interactions. provides a full-text search of all stored solutions.

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Account Management and Tracking™'s account management allows you to consolidate all company information in one place, including contacts, product purchases and communication histories, making it easier to coordinate sales campaigns. This enables you to maintain deep knowledge on every account, facilitate collaboration across your organization, and build and maintain strong, lasting customer relationships.

Sales reps can be assigned to each account and account information can be shared across teams. In addition to the standard data fields, any number of custom fields can be added to capture specific information.

With™'s account management tools, you can define parent-child relationships between accounts to depict complex organizations with multiple subsidiaries or divisions.

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Customer Product Management™ has a complete product management component built into it. System administrators can create products based on product categories, versions, term types, term lengths, billing period types, channel type and product mediums.

Every product purchased by your customers are recorded within STA Standard. This enables your customer service professionals access to all customer product data. Additionally, your customer service professionals can also identify solutions to similar product issues.

Finding product case solutions can be easy by searching by categories, versions, term types, term lengths, billing period types, channel type and product mediums.

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Telephony Integration™ offers a full outbound call center module (CMM). You can increase the productivity of your sales organization by adding functionality for an inside sales team. Fully integration with all sales team products, you will have the following features:

Phone Links
Through-out the site, you can click a link and have phone calls patched strait to your phone.

Sales reps can dramatically increase the number of leads contacted for time spent. The power dialer automatically call the next lead on your marketing list eliminating dialing time and clicks.

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Email, Fax, Voice and Direct Marketing

With™ email mail and direct marketing communications tools, you can automate and track your outbound communications. You can automatically insert any™ maintained database information into the communication, and you can also add attachments to email.

Create professional-looking, high-impact, HTML-rich templates for sales reps to use for customer and prospect communications (both email and direct mail).

Sales reps can personalize email templates with relevant notes and information before sending to prospects and customers.

Track the success of prospecting emails by monitoring key metrics such whether the recipients opened the messages, when they opened them, and more.

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Workflow Management™'s customizable workflow automation engine helps organizations standardize their workflow to automate sales, marketing, and service processes for greater operational efficiency, consistency, and control.™ comes pre configured with default workflow's, but usually companies implement their own industry practices or adopt a third-party methodologies.™ is completely configurable, from the activities, to the results and outcomes, to the actual user interface -- so you can make it your own.

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High Custom Configurability

Though you can use™ right "off the Web", companies generally want to customize it to fit their exact business needs.™ is designed to be highly configurable, from adding custom database fields, to custom user screens, to defining an unlimited number of your own workflow's and much more.

It's designed to be customized by mouse clicks, not code, which means even end users can make it their own, from creating custom dashboards to building their own reports.

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Business Reporting

Knowing the exact status of your business at any given point in time is critical for informed decision making.™'s business report center comes equipped with many robust pre built reports, but that's just the beginning.

With™'s easy to use report wizard, you can generate additional reports on almost any combination of criteria you can think of to precisely match your needs. Custom defined database fields, flexible report logic and an unlimited number of filters enable you to get to just the information your need.

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Analytics™'s analytics helps you mine your data, interpret information and show underlying trends. You can quickly and easily create reports and segments, save historical snapshots, compare data over different time frames and create chart animations that show business trends.™'s analytics can be also be displayed via dynamic dashboards, which allow real-time visibility to important information as a user logs in, via charts, cross-tabs, tables and reports.

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