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Surado CRM Overview

Surado CRM Overview
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Surado CRM – A Best Buy for SMBs!
Regardless of industry, a key concern is not the lack of information collected, but rather accessibility to that information. Surado CRM helps cut through information silos within an organization, leveraging current technology investments to provide the right information to the right people at the right time.

The core Surado CRM suite combines Contact & Account Management, Sales Automation, Marketing Automation and Customer Service/Help Desk features to offer an unprecedented level of power and flexibility for organizations looking to move beyond simple, under-powered solutions.

Contact & Account Management

Surado CRM - Main Contact Screen

Sales Automation

Surado CRM - Opportunity Management Sales Funnel

Customer Service/Help Desk

Surado CRM - Customer Service Console

Marketing Automation

Surado CRM - Marketing Analysis


Surado CRM - Dashboard

Dynamic Interactive Workflows

Surado CRM - Workflow

Organization Charts

Surado CRM - Customer Service Console

Custom Application Designer




Project Management


Analytic & Reporting

Surado SCM SQL Marketing Analysis ROI