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Ownership: Private
Headquarters: Plymouth, MN
Software Type: On-premise Software
Price: N/A

SedonaCorp Key Strengths

  • Extensive customization capability
  • Out-of-box Integration with ERP systems
  • Focus on serving mid-size companies
  • Affordability

SedonaCorp CRM Products:

  • Marketing Campaign Management
  • Real-Time Accounting Integration
  • Sales Opportunity Management
  • Service Ticket Management

About SedonaCorp

Small and Midsize Businesses (SMBs) want Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for the same reason that large companies do to identify, acquire, retain, and foster loyal, profitable customers.

However, smaller businesses typically have few resources available to help customize and manage a complex CRM application. Smaller organizations also have an overall lower tolerance for errors - they cannot afford to lose any time, customers, or money. As such, SMBs have unique CRM requirements. SEDONA understands this.

SEDONA's CRM application, Intarsia, fits smaller budgets but yet has significant capabilities. Our system can be fully implemented in a few weeks delivering a rapid return on investment (ROI) for both our partners and end user clients. We specialize in CRM/MRM systems for community & regional banks, credit unions, and small insurance companies.

That's why when leading financial institutions and application providers need CRM, they choose SEDONA.