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Ownership: Private
Founded: 1997
Headquarters: Carlsbad, California
Software Type: Hosted
NetOffice Pricing: Starting at $19.95/month

NetOffice Key Strengths

  • Provides group-ware/collaboration tools provide business, government, membership, and service organiza-tions with an affordable alternative to telephone and data network infrastructure invest-ments
  • Provider of integrated communications services that combine both telephone and data management capabilities.
  • Focus on serving small and mid-size companies
  • NetOffice solution pricing starts at $19.95/month per user

NetOffice CRM Products:

  • NetOffice Essentials
  • NetOffice Plus
  • NetOffice Pro

NetOffice CRM Features

  • Inbound/Outbound Toll-Free Number with Voicemail: Customizable greeting & voicemail messages up to 5 minutes long. Usage: 4.9¢ per minute inbound, 6.9¢ outbound.
  • Follow-Me with Call Screening: Connect your toll-free number to 3 other phones... and know who's calling.
  • Toll-Free Inbound Faxes with Forwarding and Online Viewing: No phone line or fax machine required.
  • Unified Messaging Inbox/Email*: Retrieve, store, organize virus-free email*, voicemail, and faxes online.
  • Calendar/Planner, Contact, Task, File Manager: Store and organize appointments, contacts, tasks, and files.
  • Message-On-Demand: Play pre-recorded messages when callers press the appropriate Touch-Tone keys.
  • Fax-On-Demand: Send faxes to callers when they enter their fax number and press corresponding Touch-Tone keys.
  • Email Auto-Responders: Create automated email marketing campaigns that send responses and track results.
  • Webforms: Add them to your website or HTML email and sync with your Inbox, Contacts, and Autoresponders.
  • Enterprise Call Routing: Touch-Tone keys connect inbound toll-free calls to 9 extensions or outside numbers.
  • Enterprise CRM database: Customizable contact manager forms, fields, and stored queries.
  • Enterprise Folder Sharing: Allow permission-based access to designated inbox folders, contacts, files, and tasks.

About NetOffice

NetOffice is currently the only provider of integrated communications services that combine both telephone and data management capabilities. This technology is used in tens of thousands of "virtual offices" in every major industry from healthcare to real estate.

The company's groupware/collaboration tools provide business, government, membership, and service organizations with an affordable alternative to telephone and data network infrastructure investments. By hosting toll-free phone and fax service, data management tools, and file storage on NetOffice's secure servers, you avoid the high initial cost of hardware and software, the ongoing expense of system maintenance, and the lost productivity of downtime.

The unified power of toll-free service (for voice and fax), automated call routing and forwarding, voicemail, and outbound messaging plus business-class secure e-mail, calendars, shared tasks, CRM contacts, and files, file storage and back-up, and automated e-mail marketing campaigns gives NetOffice customers the same level of essential services enjoyed by the Fortune 500, but at a fraction of the cost.

Data security and integrity is at the core of NetOffice services, and the company employs the most advanced current technology for protecting and preserving customer data.

Founded in 1997, the company, is headquartered in Carlsbad, California, and offices in Kent, Washington, and Hamburg, Germany. NetOffice is privately funded.