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Ownership: Public
Founded: 1993
Headquarters: Denver, Colorado
Customers: 5,000
Software Type: On-premise Software
Price: N/A

JD Edwards CRM Key Strengths

  • JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Customer Life Cycle Management expands the definition of CRM to include all of the business processes and associated systems that touch a customer, including billing and delivery.
  • Offers complete suite of applications including Asset Lifecycle Management, Customer Relationship Management, Financial Management, Human Capital Management, Project Management, Supplier Relationship Management, and Supply Chain Management

JD Edwards CRM Benefits

  • Customer Lifecycle Marketing involves learning about your customers, then effectively communicating with customers through PeopleSoft EnterpriseOne Marketing.
  • Multi-Channel Collaborative Selling involves acquiring new customers with PeopleSoft EnterpriseOne Sales, Mobile Sales, and Partner Relationship Management.
  • Integrated Fulfillment Management enables the fulfillment process through integration PeopleSoft EnterpriseOne Manufacturing Management and Financial Management.
  • Integrated Customer Service allows you to service customers through a variety of channels with PeopleSoft EnterpriseOne Customer Self Service, Multi-Channel Interaction Manager, Support, and Service Management.

JD Edwards CRM Features

  • Customer Self Service
  • Marketing
  • Mobile Sales
  • MultiChannel Interaction Manager
  • Partner Relationship Management
  • Sales
  • Service Management
  • Support

About JD Edwards CRM

As one of the world’s leading developers of agile software solutions, J.D. Edwards provides the information systems enterprises need to compete in today’s connected economy. Our software streamlines supply chains. It builds closer relationships with customers. It integrates and facilitates any conceivable business process, making our customers more responsive, more efficient and more profitable.

Our software is powerful, but it's the way we do business – the way our people work with your people – that satisfies our customers and keeps them coming back.

We can help you find new ways of communicating throughout your network of suppliers, contractors, partners and customers that add value at every step. And in the vast majority of cases, we can do it without scrapping the investment you’ve already made in your IT infrastructure. Our strength is in collaboration – between software, between processes, between companies, between people.

It’s the strength of this collaboration that continues to satisfy our customers. It’s the reason that our customers are some of the most loyal you’ll find anywhere.

We’re committed to doing things right. We don’t dodge difficult questions. We solve problems without creating new ones. The solutions we offer can change and grow with your business. We have deep experience in a wide variety of vertical industries, so we know what works. And along with our network of partners, we can provide best-of-breed solutions to just about any information technology challenge that your company could face.

The bottom line: After 25 years in business, we know how to make customers happy. And we do it every day.