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Ownership: Public
Founded: 1993
Headquarters:San Mateo, California
Customers: 1,200
Software Type: On-premise Software
Price: N/A

E.piphanycrm Key Strengths

  • Unique combination of analytics and customer management; personalisation; open,
    standards-based n-tier internet architecture
  • Specializes in providing marketing automation, marketing analytics, sales force automation, online solutions and ecommerce applications.
  • Focus on serving large and mid-size companies

E.piphany CRM Products:

The E.piphany E.6 suite delivers next-generation solutions across marketing, sales, and service that are driven by rich, real-time customer intelligence. With E.piphany, organizations can transform the customer experience by enabling front-line interactions that are more intelligent, informed, and consistent. Regardless of channel or touchpoint, each customer interaction represents an opportunity to sell a product, resolve a problem, retain a customer, or otherwise strengthen the relationship-opportunities that can be identified and acted upon with E.piphany.

  • E.piphany Marketing
    • E.piphany Campaign Management
    • E.piphany Interaction Advisor
    • E.piphany Event-Driven Marketing
    • E.piphany E-Marketing
    • E.piphany Marketing Management
    • E.piphany Insight for Marketing
  • E.piphany Sales
    • E.piphany Connected Sales
    • E.piphany Lead Management
    • E.piphany Mobile Sales
    • E.piphany TeleSales
    • E.piphany Interaction Advisor for Sales
    • E.piphany Insight for Sales
  • E.piphany Service
    • E.piphany Contact Center
    • E.piphany Customer Support
    • E.piphany Service Center
    • E.piphany Dialogs
    • E.piphany E-mail Response
    • E.piphany Web Self-Service
    • E.piphany Interaction Advisor for Service
    • E.piphany Insight for Service

About E.piphanycrm

With over 475 customers in financial services, insurance, retail, and telco – including nearly 35 percent of the Fortune 100 – Epiphany powers deep customer insights and optimizes each relationship from both a revenue generation and customer retention viewpoint.

With a suite of blended marketing, sales and service solutions, Epiphany enables global organizations to align touchpoints, processes and technologies around the most valuable enterprise asset – the customer. Built on the industry's most advanced, service-oriented architecture, E.piphany solutions address problems that span business silos, departmental functions and geographic locations, and result in rapid, measurable ROI. With worldwide headquarters in San Mateo, CA, E.piphany serves customers in more than 40 countries worldwide.