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Ownership: Acquired by Baan
Headquarters: Santa Clara, California
Software Type: On-premise Software
Price: N/A

Aurum Key Strengths

  • Aurum's technology is created to assist leading companies benefit from improved processes and productivity.
  • Aurum is the only Customer Relationship Management vendor to offer a complete, fully integrated CRM system including opportunity and account management, an Interactive Selling Solution, and prepackaged enterprise integration.
  • Business intelligence is the cornerstone of Aurum's value building technology. Rather than just capturing information, the Aurum solution processes data into business intelligence which is then used by customers, salespeople, service personnel, and corporate management to benefit the vendor-customer relationship.
  • Business moves at the speed of change. Aurum's goal is to rapidly get our customers up and benefiting from Aurum's solution, while maintaining processes to ensure the success of each project.

Aurum CRM Products:

    • Sales: Aurum SalesTrak
      Marketing: Aurum TeleTrak®
    • Customer Service: Aurum SupportTrak®
    • Management: Aurum Business Intelligence System(TM)
    • Web Integration: Aurum WebTrak(TM), Aurum Smart Encyclopedia(TM)
    • Mobile Integration: Aurum DbSync
    • Aurum Workbench(TM)
    • Aurum Enterprise Loader(TM)
    • Aurum Enterprise Integration Server(TM)
    • Aurum ERP Solution Paks

About Aurum

Aurum Software, a Baan Company, is the leading provider of Customer Relationship Management solutions for automating global sales, marketing and customer service operations. Offering the Aurum Customer Enterprise(TM) and the Aurum Interactive Selling Solution(TM), Aurum is the only Customer Interaction Software Vendor to provide a completely integrated suite of sales force automation, sales configuration, telemarketing and customer service solutions.

We are committed to solving the complex challenges of today's global corporations--providing the most advanced technology and methodology to help them gain a competitive advantage in an ever-evolving world.