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Ownership: Private
Headquarters: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Software Type: On-premise Software
Ardexus Pricing: Not Published

Ardexus Key Strengths

  • Winner of ISM'S Top 15 CRM Award
  • CRM solution is targeted at mid-market companies
  • Full-function CRM suite with modules supporting Sales, Marketing , and Service fucntions.
  • Integrates sales methodology with SFA and that supports the full customer lifecycle with applications for marketing and customer service and support

Ardexus CRM Products:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • Sales Automation
  • Service Automation
  • MODE Reporter

About Ardexus

Ardexus is a spin-off of a 15-year-old company, Canberra-Packard Canada, Ltd. (CPC). CPC is a successful distributor of automated laboratory equipment for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Originally, CPC developed Ardexus MODE for its internal use to help manage its customers and its sales efforts. With a track record of success in building and managing a midsize company behind it, Ardexus’ management team is now focused on CRM.

Ardexus’ CRM suite supports the three main CRM functions: selling (TASC), marketing (FIND), and customer service (CARE). The solution set is aimed at mid-market companies seeking to better manage their strategic customer information and improve the processess that handle their relationships with their customers.

Ardexus has deployed its mid-market solution as a shrink-wrapped and layered application for Lotus Notes, complete with documentation for installing, customizing or configuring, importing data, administering, and using the system.

Each module may be used independently or in combination with any or all of the others. Together the modules act seamlessly to address the requirements of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM), including sales, service and marketing.

Ardexus takes a consulting approach to their CRM solutions. They have a deep understanding of the problems companies face. A part of their CRM solution is the up-front consulting that will lead to the right fix, and facilitate your company’s transition to becoming more customer focused.

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