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PhaseWare Overview

PhaseWare Overview
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PhaseWare Sentry

PhaseWare Sentry takes customer service to a whole new level. This powerful event management tool works with Tracker to monitor all data and activities. Based on the criteria you set, Sentry takes action and sends you alerts automatically.

Sentry enables you to increase internal efficiencies, reduce internal costs and provide a truly unique level of customer service and support. You’ll differentiate your service by staying on top of customer trends and issues; taking quicker action in providing customer service; and refining your processes.

Sentry gives you the power to:

  • Auto-escalate and receive alerts for high-priority tickets.
  • Automatically create incidents from the emails you receive—with customer, contact, subject, and problem already defined.
  • Send customers an email update on their open tickets.
  • Get automatic alerts on unusual customer or problem activity—based on thresholds you set.
  • Get automatic alerts when ticket queues exceed pre-designated thresholds.
  • Send automated emails or surveys to your customers when tickets are closed.
  • Get automatic alerts if you’re close to missing a service level agreement.
  • Get automatic emailed reports on customer, agent or trouble ticket activity.
  • Increase internal efficiencies.
  • Reduce internal costs
  • Provide a truly unique level of customer service and support

With Sentry, you’ll never be in the dark about critical issues and activities. You’ll be able to communicate with your customers in a whole new way—and deliver service that truly sets you apart.