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PhaseWare Overview

PhaseWare Overview
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PhaseWare Concierge

Concierge is a secured web portal that enables your customers and employees to:

  • Log trouble tickets
  • Check the status of existing trouble tickets
  • Search the knowledgebase for self help

Though our password-protected portal, managers and executives can view location-specific or companywide ticket information and reports—instantly. Concierge lets you enhance customer support by giving your customers a fast, easy way to submit tickets and receive up-to-date information.

Knowledge Base

One important feature of Concierge is the knowledge base search. A search field is displayed in the toolbar, and your customers can enter the word or phrase they want to search for to view a list of applicable knowledge base articles.

When a customer selects a knowledge base article, the complete problem and solution is displayed, and he can read user comments on the solution as well as add his own comments. Customers can see who created and verified the solution and when the solution was created. Within the Tracker program, you can indicate which solutions should be displayed to users of Concierge.


Notifications can be entered using the whiteboard feature of PhaseWare Tracker, and these notifications will be displayed to users accessing Concierge.

For example, if a server is down, you can enter the important information in Tracker to display a notification to all web users through Concierge. All notes can be viewed through the Notifications option on the Concierge toolbar.

Incident Manager/Detail

When your customers log on to Concierge, they can immediately view all their open incidents through the Incident Manager. From this screen, they can search for a specific incident or even create a new incident.

From the Tracker program, you can choose which incidents should be published and even which journal entries should be displayed to your customers.

To see more information about an incident, your customer simply clicks the incident he wants to view. A detailed incident screen is displayed where he can see the status of the incident, the assigned agent, the incident classification and billing status. If the incident has been closed, he can see when it was closed and who closed it as well as the resolution.

Customers also have the option to view historical incidents. This allows your customers to see all their incidents for the last month or year and determine which of their users are making the majority of their calls.

Additional Features:

  • Close an incident and enter a closing journal entry
  • Change the severity of the incident
  • Record a new journal entry; even include an attachment

Administrative users of Concierge also have the option to select a different contact for an incident.

Location List

From Concierge, customers with administrative rights can view all the location information that has been entered for their company and add new locations as needed. The Locations tab lists all the locations that have been added through the Tracker program.

It can be very beneficial to allow your administrative users of Concierge to add and modify address information for their company. By allowing your customers to manage this information on their own, you reduce the number of additional calls to your office for address changes, new phone numbers, etc.

Customers can click a specific location to view the location description, address, and phone numbers.

Additional Features:

  • Add a new location
  • Change the address and phone numbers entered for a specific location
  • Select a default location for the company
  • Archive a location that is no longer in use

Administrative users of Concierge also have the option to select a different contact for an incident.

People List

Concierge allows your customers to see all the contacts that have been added for their company. Administrative users of Concierge also have the option to add new contacts as well as change the location of a specific contact.

Customers can click a person to view additional contact detail including a mobile phone number, email address, contact notes that have been entered through Tracker or by a customer, and the contact’s location and direct line.

Additional Features:

  • Add a new contact (administrative users only)
  • Enter a new phone number or email address
  • Indicate whether the contact should have web access to Concierge
  • Set the web security level and password
  • Archive a contact who is no longer with the company

Email Distribution

The Email List in Concierge shows your customers the list of contacts who should receive incident emails or general emails. This email distribution list can be set up within the Tracker program or through Concierge. The email list is only available to your administrative users of Concierge.

From the Email List tab, a customer can add new email recipients. A list of customer contacts is displayed, and she can select the contact that should be added to the email distribution list.

She can also indicate whether a new email recipient should receive only incident emails or general emails and she can restrict emails to a specific location.