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Maxmizer Customers

Maxmizer Customers
ScotiaMcLeod logo

"Financial services is an incredibly complex and competitive industry where expectations are high and customer loyalty can be hard to retain. When we anticipate the needs of our customers and make informed suggestions to help them meet their financial goals, not only are they more likely to stay with us, they are also likely to refer more business to us. When this happens we know our CRM program is paying off."

Chris Carter,
Associate Director and Branch Manager, ScotiaMcLeod
North Vancouver, British Columbia

Mathusek Inc. logo

"Since installing Maximizer Enterprise more than a decade ago, our revenues have grown from $1.8 million in 1991 to more than $8 million today. Maximizer Enterprise 8 provides reliable synchronization of information to our reps and it's easy for them to see the significant contribution Maximizer Enterprise is making to our business."

Warren Mathusek, President, Mathusek Inc.
Bergenfield, NJ

Dolphin Software, Inc. logo

"Implementing Maximizer Enterprise was extremely easy and we were up and running within a week. Maximizer Enterprise has become part of our daily sales process and a critical tool for our future growth...It's one of the best investments we've ever made."

Deborah Sepich, VP and COO, Dolphin Software, Inc.
Lake Oswego, Oregon

Senior Flexonics Pathway logo

"Our CRM system is now the cornerstone of what we want to do five years from now. When we first considered using Maximizer Enterprise we had to put on our visionary hat; this system lets us refine our territories and processes. It costs about $1000 a person, and who can't afford to spend that on the future?"

Dave McGrath, Sales & Marketing Director,
Senior Flexonics Pathway
New Braunfels, Texas

Scottish Water Scientific logo

"Maximizer underpins the business growth strategy for Scottish Water Scientific by allowing an emphasis on client understanding"

Sheryl Glennie, Commercial Marketing Manager,
Scottish Water Scientific
Edinburgh, Scotland