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NetSuite CRM Software Overview

NetSuite CRM Software Overview
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NetSuite has thousands of customers globally ranging in industry, business size, and needs. We encourage you to read these stories of tremendous savings, both through reducing IT costs, and more importantly through streamlining business operations.

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Intuitive Surgical Premiere Global Oakland Athletics

Success Stories - United Kingdom

NetSuite has thousands of customers globally, spanning a wide range of industries, company sizes and business needs. We encourage you to read these success stories, and note the business results achieved with NetSuite including streamlined operations, significant cost savings, and better business management.


ACAL Iba National Carphones Teleca
Opal Telecom Forest YMCA Web Recruit i-Solutions Global
Active Management ARRK Technical Services Ltd.   Backup Direct SECPay
Justoffbase Miglia Technology Ltd. Radcliffe Denim Ltd. Rococo Chocolates
Endoscopy UK Ltd.  Incutio Ltd.


Sucess Stories - Australia


Carbon Planet Health Inc
"NetSuite lets us track the calls we get from customers, which lets us track any problems they may be having. It's a huge help to be able to spot trends. We've never had that ability before."

—Brian Lanouette, Senior Manager, Business System Integration


"The biggest bang for the buck today is in how much better we communicate between departments and how effective we are at solving customer issues."

—Peter Stone, CFO


Consumer Goods
"Under Everest, our old system, we were answering 'no' to one-third or one-half of our prospect's questions about our customer portal capabilities. Now, we're able to go after businesses that we probably would never have been able to sell."

—Harry Cooper, Manager of Information Systems
My Flat in London
"Not only do we no longer have to hire IT support, or bring in servers, but with NetSuite, one person can do the work it used to take two."

—Todd Haedrich, President (Aunt Heddy's Bakery)
"The common data set for the customers, partners and employees is, simply put, the heart and soul of NetSuite. All of our business functions—customer interactions, shipping, order management, marketing—revolve around that core data set."

—Gary Root, CEO


Oakland Athletics
"For any entertainment company, whether a sports team or not, NetSuite makes perfect sense. It lets you really understand your customers and their buying habits."

—Cameron Stewart, Interactive Marketing Manager


Filice Insurance
"NetSuite's commissions module was a major selling point for us. We couldn't find any other system that offered such functionality. Better yet, this particular module alone saves us a lot of money – at least $100,000 a year – because the way we calculate commissions is very sophisticated and it can take a long time for the accounting staff to run the numbers correctly."

—Patrick Arnold, Vice President of Sales


China Manufacturing Network
"NetSuite is so easy to use that I've saved probably $50,000 to $100,000 in IT and configuration costs over the year."

—Everette Phillips, President and CEO
Novak Conversions Inc.
"We make a change in one place, and NetSuite changes it everywhere. It is the repository for all our data. It is the center of our business."

—Eric Forsberg, Vice President


Wholesale / Distribution
"NetSuite has helped us close a lot of deals. Without NetSuite, I would need five additional people — up to three in shipping and a couple in customer service — to handle our current volume."

—Ilan Douek, President
Lightyear Technology, Inc.
"The UPS® integration is a great feature for our customers. Oftentimes they would ask us for status updates and now we can provide it immediately. Instead of having to go to the shipper for the data, it is in our database and it doesn't matter who they call—customer support, accounting etc.—we are all able to access it immediately."

—John Borden, COO
"I want to more than double my business over the next five years, and the only cost-effective way to do this is with NetSuite Small Business."

—Joe Walker, Vice President
MiniCo, Inc.
"It worked the very first day. It was intuitive to get the order-taking system running on our own."

—Marilyn Leslie, CFO
Design for Health
"Using NetSuite's SFA/CRM tool, our salespeople can track their sales and contacts in a very simple format. And it integrates directly into our company's financial information, part of the same NetSuite application. It is a beautiful resource for us."

—Jonathan Lizotte, Founder and CEO


Real Estate
Resera, Inc.
"NetSuite shaves off at least a full week from my schedule every month and about a day and a half every week for my sales team."

—Courtenay Yates, Vice President and General Manager
Meredith Management
"With NetSuite, we have accurate, up-to-date information at our fingertips... and faster reporting means quicker budget decisions and better cash flow."

—Jonathan Hickok, CFO


Architecture / Design
ID8 Media. Inc.
"Now we can design a marketing campaign based on who is buying what. Before it was just a canned campaign."

—Atul Bagga, Director of Marketing


Lohmueller & Associates, Inc.
"NetSuite is a much, much better fit for probably 80 percent of our clients."

—Rufus Lohmueller, Founder and President
Projector Doctor
"NetSuite substantially improves the infrastructure and valuation of our company."

—Dean Mitchell, Partner


Document Sciences
"Before NetSuite we would have to go through three different spread-sheets to establish what exactly was happening in our global sales pipeline."

—David Barker, Director of IT


Software Reseller
KIBAN Corporation
"With NetSuite, I saw the opportunity to bring enterprise-class capabilities to SMBs at an affordable price."

—Robert Rudzki, President and Founder