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GoldMine CRM Overview

GoldMine CRM Overview
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GoldMine® Enterprise Edition
GoldMine® Premium Edition
GoldMine® Corporate Edition

Over 1.7 million licenses sold… 76% of the FTSE 100

50% of the FORTUNE 500®… More than 80 vertical markets in over 40 countries

GoldMine Enterprise – the latest CRM solution from FrontRange's award-winning GoldMine product line. GoldMine Enterprise is designed for the business that wants its CRM to add significant value, not just automate sales calls. These businesses look for CRM to create value through increased agility, higher success ratios, and integration of data from disparate points in the organization.

The design of GoldMine Enterprise benefits from the input and best practices of the world's largest CRM user base. We combined our decades-long experience in CRM with the latest technologies in access, integration, and configuration to produce software the way you want it.

Now you can reinvent your sales processes the way you've always wanted.

What's Inside Enterprise

Key Benefits
  • Reduce Costs
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Increase Revenue
  • Enhance Productivity
  • Better Customer Satisfaction
  • Better Management Oversight
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Relationship Management

  • Manage relationships the way you naturally organize your business, by account, household, distributors or other specially defined category-go beyond generic customer or contact categories
  • Centralize information in one repository-integrate third-party "data silos," Finance or Accounting departments, order management systems, back-end ERP, and more
  • Gain a 360 degree view of your customer or other relationship data-data from any system and any source, exposed for use or integrated robustly-you decide

Sales Management

Opportunity Management
  • Real-time visibility into all your sales activities, including product and services information and revenue details
  • Built-in Sales Methodology support keeps processes consistent and sales cycles on track
  • Easy-to-use interface helps you manage all information surrounding sales opportunities
Forecast Management
  • Forecast tools enable sales users to better predict, manage, and analyze their pipeline
  • Ensures sales users stay focused on reaching their sales quotas
  • Forecast dashboards allow management to view, analyze and manage forecast figures, properly and accurately
  • Integrated Quoting Tool automates what previously were common failure points in the sales process
  • Guaranteed consistency of customer information, products, pricing, and cross-selling offers
  • Flexible approval processes allow you to standardize quotes and manage exceptions

Marketing Automation

ampaign Management

  • Create and manage campaigns easily
  • Create test campaigns and run trials. Predict and quantify campaign ROI
  • Fine-tune campaigns, as they roll out, using real-time data
Lead Management
  • Distribute leads to the right person automatically using configurable business rules
  • Adjust and optimize your management in real-time-rank, qualify, reassign, and more,
  • Use extensible business logic to maximize the value of your lead analysis
Customer Support
  • Consistent, real-time answers via email, telephone, Web and all other access points
  • Access to full customer case history, including data pulled from sources across the organization
  • Customer support Best Practices and opportunities to streamline processes increase productivity