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EnterpriseWizard Pricing

EnterpriseWizard Pricing
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For a price quote of EnterpriseWizard CRM, please submit your request for a price quote below:

Do you wish that you could get the advantages of On-Demand applications and Purchased applications?

SaaS/On-Demand applications offer:

  • Pay as you go computing with a low initial cost

  • Shared, remote access makes it easy to jointly customize the application to fit your needs

  • Rapid return on investment and Simplified Management

Purchased applications offer:
  • Lower ongoing costs

  • Full firewall security for sensitive data

  • Tight integration with backend systems

Only EnterpriseWizard offers the best of both worlds with a On-Demand solution that you can easily move move in-house. It takes just 6 mouse clicks to transfer the entire knowledgebase between servers.

Whether you Rent, Lease or Purchase through one of our resellers, whichever option matches the needs of your organization, the price includes full product functionality with no hidden costs for "optional" features.

Pricing Overview

There are many pricing options available, but they all based on the notion of "active staff users" with an option for unlimited end user access. An "active staff user" is someone who has used the staff interface in the past thirty days and has authority to edit records that were created by other users. If a staff user has not logged in for 30 days, their license is automatically freed up. For an extra 20% of the staff user price, you can have an unlimited number of end users.

For example, a company might have 4,000 internal staff who submit helpdesk tickets, 12,000 customers who submit support tickets, 200 telemarkers who create sales leads, 40 active helpdesk/customer support staff and 60 sales people who follow up on the leads. Such a company could purchase a license for the 100 (60 + 40) staff users and for an extra 20% of that cost, provide individual logins for all the 4,000 internal staff, 12,000 customers and 200 telemarkers.
Hosted Solution
No software to buy, no servers to maintain, support is included and your success is guaranteed.
Software Lease
Support, upgrades and maintenance are all included in price.
Software Purchase
In just 10 minutes you can install the software on your own server and enjoy full integration with LDAP, Active Directory and other backand systems.
Hardware, Software, Implementation, Maintenance and Support....everything is included and system performance is guaranteed.

Support Prices
Standard Support package includes telephone support during normal working hours, all upgrades and enhancements and is available at an additional cost of 18% per year of lease or license price. Premium Support package additionally provides 24/7 telephone support.
Consulting Services
Consulting services are available in order to facilitate a rapid start or for ongoing expansion for companies with multiple knowledgebases, extensive data import, custom scripting, integration with existing systems or custom documentation requirements. On Site - $1600 per day plus travel expenses. Off Site - $1400 per day