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EnterpriseWizard Review

EnterpriseWizard Review
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Here is a list of features and customization EnterpriseWizard provides.

Features -

Graphical Workflow
Business Rules Engine
Business Rules Wizard
Single SignOn
Interactive Reports
Graphical Charts
Trend Charts and Reports
Integrated Chat
Interactive FAQ
Standard Solutions
Automatic Reports
Alerts and Escalation
Self Registration
Automatic Login
Incoming E-mail Integration
Outgoing E-mail Integration
Email Hotlinks
Instant Messaging
HTML Editor
Automatic Hotlinks
Attached Files
Issue Tracking and Management
Full Text Search
Database Search/Sorting
Saved Searches
Ticket Links
Multi-language Support

Customization -

Custom Tables
Custom Tables Relationships
Drag&Drop Customization
Mutli-Tab Input Forms
Custom Look and Feel
Multiple Custom Brandings
Custom Data Views
Custom Data Fields
Field Types
Custom Choice Tables
Custom Graphic Images
Custom Fonts
On-line Customization
Scripts API
Web Services API
Database Schema
Systems Integration

Access Control LDAP Integration -

Password Configuration
User Groups
Record Level Permissions
Field Level Permissions
Web Interface for Users
Web Interface for Staff