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Soffront Sales Force Automation

Soffront Sales Force Automation
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Sales Force Automation (SFA)
Sales is the bloodline that keeps your company going. The need to build a more effective and efficient sales organization need not be reiterated.

Do these issues sound familiar?
  • Inability to keep track of leads, that results in lost opportunities

  • How to improve the opportunity management and forecasting process?

  • Inability to identify and focus on the most profitable opportunities

  • The need to share best practices and jump start new recruits

  • How to enhance the productivity of the sales force? 

Soffront Sales Automation provides the solution to address these issues. 

The Soffront Sales Automation includes:

Soffront Sales 
Soffront Sales is a comprehensive sales force automation application. Track leads from initiation to closure. Forecast better and manage your opportunities effectively. Identify and focus on the most profitable opportunities. Cross sell and up sell your customer base. Define and follow the sales process that works for you. 

Soffront Mobile Sales
Soffront Mobile Sales provides mobile access to real-time information to your sales force. Powered by the Soffront Mobile family of products, it includes Soffront PDA, Soffront Laptop and Soffront WAP (for WAP enabled cell phones). 

Soffront Multi-Channel Contact Center  
Soffront Multi-Channel Contact Center provides live access to your sales folks from the web site, at the point of purchase. Increase conversions by actively encouraging the prospect to contact your sales through a Web chat or Voice chat (VoIP). Guide them through the product selection process, with active help from your sales. 

Soffront Knowledge Management for Sales
Soffront Knowledge Management for Sales provides a platform to share information and a self-help interface. Share key competitive information and best practices with your team. Provide a self-help interface to your customers/partners to find the right product. Leverage the knowledge base as a training tool for new recruits. 

Soffront Business Rules for Sales  
Soffront Knowledge Management for Sales is the business rules engine that runs 24X7 to monitor your business process. Define rules and take automatic actions when a rule is hit. For example, re-assign a ‘hot’ new lead that has not been acted on for two days. Send an alert e-mail to the sales manager if a lead is in the same stage of the sales process for more than a pre-defined time. 

Soffront Customization Tools
Soffront Customization Tools help you customize Soffront CRM to match the way you work. Define your sales process and dynamically generate action buttons to guide users through that process. Add fields and tables to capture all the information you want. Redesign the user interface and add new forms for the new data model. Do all this without any programming knowledge! Combined with the configuration and individual personalization features, this powerful tool reduces your implementation time and minimizes the risk of failure. Your investment in Soffront is preserved, as you change Soffront CRM with your changing business.