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Soffront Marketing Automation

Soffront Marketing Automation
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Marketing Automation
Marketing is an investment to build, grow and consolidate business. The marketing organization is always under pressure to deliver more with less. More so, in these challenging economic times.

Do these issues sound familiar?
  • Inability to get an integrated view of the customer 

  • Need to compress the campaign design to execution cycle to improve time-to-market

  • The need to leverage low cost web and email media

  • Inability to measure results from marketing campaigns

  • Inability to measure and justify marketing ROI 

Soffront Marketing Automation provides the solution to address these issues. 

The Soffront Marketing Automation includes:

Soffront Marketing 
Soffront Marketing provides a closed loop solution for campaign planning, execution and results measurement. Plan multi-channel campaigns with a configurable workflow for design, approval and rollout. Collaborate with multiple departments and create a cross functional action plan. Automatically capture and transfer the leads from web based campaigns. The prospects who register to download a white paper or attend an event are part of the integrated CRM database. Assign the leads from various campaigns (Web or Email or Tele-marketing) automatically. Measure the results of the campaign in real-time to get a handle on campaign ROI. Monitor the results continuously and improve marketing ROI. 

Soffront Email Campaign Manager
Soffront Email Campaign Manager gives you the ability to create and execute targeted Email campaigns. Create HTML or Text messages and personalize with mail merge fields. Execute email campaigns for thousands of prospects/customers. Manage user opt-in /opt-out and mail format preferences automatically.

Soffront Email Response  
Soffront Email Response gives you the ability to automatically respond to sales/marketing related email inquiries. Create a new lead and assign to the appropriate sales/marketing person automatically. 

Soffront Multi-Channel Contact Center
Soffront Multi-Channel Contact Center enables you to execute tele-marketing campaigns. Manage integrated tele-marketing campaigns with Soffront Marketing and the Contact Center. Plan the campaign with Soffront Marketing. Set the start date, end date, budget, create the scripts and work it through your approval process. Execute the campaign using VoIP, with the Contact Center. Tele-marketing agents use the planned scripts and make/receive telephone calls with a multi-media computer connected to the internet. 

Soffront Knowledge Management  
Soffront Knowledge Management provides a platform to share information and a self-help interface. Share key competitive information and best practices with your sales and marketing team. Provide a self-help interface to your customers/partners to find the right product. Leverage the knowledge base as a training tool for new recruits. 

Soffront Business Rules for Marketing  
With Soffront Business Rules for Marketing, you can monitor a campaign 24 X 7 and take automatic actions. To illustrate, you can stop a campaign at a pre-set date/time or when the targeted results have been achieved. If the response rate in a tele-marketing campaign is below par, augment it with an automatic email campaign. Send an automatic email alert to the press/analysts when a press release is made. 

Soffront Customization Tools
Soffront Customization Tools help you customize Soffront CRM to match the way you work. Define your campaign approval process and dynamically generate action buttons to guide users through that process. Add fields and tables to capture all the information you want. Redesign the user interface and add new forms for the new data model. Do all this without any programming knowledge! Combined with the configuration and individual personalization features, this powerful tool reduces your implementation time and minimizes the risk of failure. Your investment in Soffront is preserved, as you change Soffront CRM with your changing business.